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If you are creative and have an eye for arranging articles and graphics in an organized and appealing way, then you have what it takes to become a desktop publisher and designer. Search our desktop publishing classes below to find the perfect fit. If a desktop publishing career is what you are after then get the proper training first. Find a desktop publishing certificate online program.

Desktop publishing and design is a specialized field of work which holds plenty of opportunities for well trained professionals. When you take desktop publishing and design courses, you will be ready to enter the workforce in as little as six months. You can take certification, associate's or bachelor's degree level course programs, depending on the depth of study and career goals. A trend is growing where perspective employers demand a highly skilled workforce and to be considered for some jobs, a degree is required. By taking desktop publishing and design certificate program, you will gain a leg up on your competition by having the skills and training to face the challenges that will be presented to you.

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What Do Desktop Publishers and Designers Do?

Desktop publishers and designers use software tools to combine text, numbers, pictures and charts to prepare articles, publications. They also write and correct text, make graphics to go with text, change pictures and drawings into digital media for use in their projects, as well as design page layouts for presentations they have developed. Find desktop publishing courses online get started with your new career.

Some of the projects that are created include book covers, books, business cards, calendars, magazines, web page designs, brochures and many other advertising media. While there is generally no formal training requirements for the job of desktop publisher formal training for a certificate or degree will give you the best job opportunities. Finding desktop publishing courses and schools for certification and degrees for desktop publishing and design is relatively simple by using the internet or contacting your local college. Look into taking accredited desktop publishing courses as this will make it easier when you seek continuing education.

Prerequisites for Desktop Publishing Courses Online



When applying for a certificate program in desktop publishing and design, a GED or high school diploma is required along with submission of applications. A few more things such as high school and/or prior college transcripts, American College Testing scores, and placement testing may also be required by some colleges.

- Desktop publishing fundamentals

- Web design

- Technical Writing

- Elements of design

- Printing processes

- Computer illustration and design

- Digital imaging and publishing

- Multimedia design

- Business writing

Along with these programs, you will get training and hands on experience with several publishing programs such as Adobe InDesign, FlippingBook, Microsoft Publisher, Print Shop and iStudio Publisher. The types of programs you will be introduced to varies from school to school.

Jobs in Desktop Publishing:


- Newspaper typesetter

- Imaging consultant

- Book publisher

- Advertising publisher

- Internet advertising designer
- Graphic design assistant

You can find career openings in companies such as advertising agencies, printing shops, newspapers, corporations and universities as well as opening your own business offline or online. Be creative and design your way into a career by taking desktop publishing and design classes today.


Finding the Right Deskop Publishing School


When looking for the right desktop publishing school you don’t need to look further than the schools we have listed. These schools are accredited which means you can expect a high quality program. When looking into a certificate program you can expect to spend less than 12 months in training. Some programs are self-paced which means you can complete them in fewer than 6 depending on how fast you work.

When researching the different programs you’ll notice they all have different focuses. Some lean heavily on graphic arts where others might cover graphic communications more. Keep an open mind and realize that all of them are designed to properly prepare you for a career as a desktop publisher. Communication skills are necessary in order to properly go over your designs and layouts with clients or to better understand what the client or your boss is wanting. Schools also will have different software you might be using but they won’t be teaching you programming or graphic artistry.

Outlook and Pay


Over 30% of the desktop publishing industry is related to newspaper, and publishers. A lot of desktop publishers start out their careers working as part of a creative team working with editors, writers and other graphic designers. Once you gain enough experience you can consider being a freelance publisher offering your services to a wide variety of clients. What you can expect to get pay ranges from how long you have been working to what programs you know (as well as geographical location). On average desktop publishers make $37,000 per year but the top 10% of earners made over $60,000.


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Desktop publishing is becoming more prevalent in the workplace as more organizations opt to create documents, such as flyers and newsletters, in house. There is a greater reliance on trained professionals to produce these documents on a daily basis. With proper skills and training, these individuals can play a vital role in the communications process.

What isDesktop Publishing?
The term “desktop publishing” involves the practice of using a computer to combine text and graphics together to create a document. Specific desktop-publishing software enables users to produce documents through the use of tools. These tools allow them to design and set up a page, incorporate text and images, prepare digital files, and print documents. This process allows individuals to effectively create visual pieces for an organization.

Why is it important?
Desktop publishing is an important tool because it helps individuals produce documents in a quick and efficient manner. They can move a graphic, change a word, and re-size a page through the simple click of a button. Gone are the days of waiting for a printing house to create a specific look or make changes to a document. It gives individuals and organizations overall control of the image of their business.

Who Uses Desktop Publishing?
With the right education, anyone can perform desktop publishing tasks. This might include: small business owners, administrative assistants, students, and office professionals, as well as individuals doing desktop publishing or freelance work. It is an ideal choice for a new career, to advance a career, or provide additional job skills. Most gain their desktop publishing skills by taking classes or completing certificate programs at vocational schools, universities, and colleges or through the Internet.


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