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Hospitality Management in Florida is the management of hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and any type of institution in the hospitality industry. It is a large and diverse field that is based on providing a service to travelers and tourists. As a hospitality manager in Florida, you would be responsible for providing customer service, training staff, daily operations, overseeing staff in different areas or departments, and ensuring the quality of service provided. Earn your hospitality management degree in Florida today. Research any of the hospitality management schools in Florida today.


The hospitality industry is diverse. Management of establishments designed to serve and entertain tourists can be challenging. As a hospitality manager you must be able to anticipate and meet a variety of needs. You would be responsible for training and ensuring your staff adhere to a high standard of customer service. Hotel managers may also be known as lodging managers. Managers in this field must be flexible; it takes time and skills to be a successful leader.


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There are different types of hospitality managers. Many oversee resorts, cruise ships, hotels or motels, theme parks, casinos, restaurants, and travel businesses. Once a manager finishes school or their training program they can enter into either the accommodation or restaurant sector of the industry. Important traits in a hospitality manager are people skills and a willingness to travel. Find top hospitality degree programs in Florida.


Hospitality managers need to have excellent communication skills. They are constantly greeting, speaking, and interacting with guests. Building solid relationships with travel agencies, local authorities, tour groups, and entertainment spots can help to bring in potential new customers. Communicating with staff, making phone calls, and addressing complaints or concerns that may arise on a daily basis. Well organized managers will be able to balance and delegate tasks while overseeing concierge, reservations, reception, guest services, food service, wait staff, and security. The size of staff will vary.


In the Florida hotel industry, managers are often in charge of adjusting and setting room rates. Managers are in charge of allocating department funds, signing off on expenditures, setting restaurant prices, estimating costs of food suppliers, and any other needs a restaurant or hotel may need. To be a successful hospitality manager they must be experience in business, sales and marketing. They must be proficient in accounting, budgeting, monitor operating profits and loses, and are responsible for reaching business goals


Why Study Hospitality Management in Florida?


As a vacation and travel destination, Florida is a key area for pursuing a position as a hospitality manager. The hospitality field in Florida is one of the largest in the nation. New resorts, hotels, motels, casinos, clubs, and restaurants are always opening. Florida is home to most of the major resorts in the United States. From theme parks to restaurants, people come from all over the world to experience a mix of culture and entertainment. Hotel management schools aren't the easiest to get accepted into but we have found Florida has some great online management schools.


Hospitality Management Schools


The work schedule for hospitality managers may vary greatly depending on the area they specialize in. Often, hospitality managers must be flexible as their schedule may have to change depending on the needs of the business willing to work long hours. They frequently work over 40 hours a week and also work some nights, weekends, and holidays. Managers in the accommodation sector usually keep the same standard schedule to allow them to be available during the day.


Hospitality management work in a variety of climates – either indoors or outdoors –depending on which area they work in. Managers working in hotels, motels, or resorts will often work in an office and also outside. They may have to be outside to check on the offered outdoor amenities to ensure they are being kept in pristine condition for guests. Managers working in the restaurant sector may work in the dining room and kitchen, ensuring the front and back work cohesively to provide a quality dining experience for patrons. Managers working on a cruise ships face the elements of the ocean. They work below deck and above.


Hospitality Management Career & Schools


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the hotel, motel, resort management industry is expected to see an 8% employment increase between 2014-2024. The food service management industry is expected to see a 5% increase during that same time period.


As more resorts and hotels open along with new restaurants in Florida, tourists will continue to make the state a vacation destination. Those new establishments will need managers to oversee their success. Don't delay and earn your hospitality management degree from a top accredited Florida school.


Hospitality Management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median pay for hospitality (lodging) mangers is $49,720 per year or $23.91 per hour. The national median pay for food service managers is $48,690 per year or $23.41 per hour. The national median pay for a casino manager is $77,770 per year or $37.39 per hour.


In the state of Florida, the state median pay for hospitality (lodging) managers is $64,980 per year or $31.24 per hour. The state median pay for food service managers is $67,470 per year or $32.44 per hour. The state median pay for a casino manager is $73,250 per year or $35.22 per hour.


Hospitality Management Degree & Licenses


There are three specialty degrees in the area of hotel management – associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree. There are several options available to those seeking to pursue a career as a hospitality manager – certifications, degree programs, and hospitality training programs.


No special licenses or certificates are required by the state of Florida for lodging managers. Food service managers are required to be certified through the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association (FRLA). Managers are required to become a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM). Applicants must pass a written examination that proves their knowledge of food safety and sanitation. The CFPM is good for 5 years from the date of examination. Managers may also need to obtain an alcohol training course certification.


Managers are required to have a gaming license through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (FDBPR). They accept applications for each variation of the license. There are different types of gambling license available – racing, cardroom, slots, and combos. Proper identification, financial information, and other paperwork must be provided. Pay close attention to the listed fees and stipulations on the application.

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