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Although some people mistakenly believe it's not worth much, an English degree can be a solid foundation for a very rewarding career. Along your path to an English degree, your mind can feed on fortifying morsels of knowledge that will open it up and reveal new worlds and ways of life. Different cultures, ideas, social standings, politics, even languages, of other lands from any time line you desire are all samples of what you can expect to learn about as you pursue your English degree. Granted, you'll focus mainly on British and American cultures, but your studies will also expand beyond that to many different nationalities. Get started on your bachelor's degree today from any of the English literature schools listed below.english literature

There are very many career choices available to those with a degree in English literature. The most obvious choices are not the most profitable, but can be rewarding for those who have an interest in those areas. Examples of these are novelists, creative writers, and poets. These fields are harder to get into, but are very important to society, and culture. If you desire to be an English teacher, you may need extra courses in teaching, such as a regional certificate, and extra credits, but an English degree is definitely a good choice.

Those who are interested in the many different avenues of media could use their English degree for jobs such as reporter, researcher, publisher, or editor. The communication skills gained from this type of educational pursuit are priceless and can also be used in the fields of public relations, advertising, marketing, business administration, and business management. The skills you'll gain in critical thinking, comprehension, research and writing, language, communication, and decision making will be critical in helping you become indispensable to your boss and the company you work for.

For those looking to enter the field at an entry level position in job markets such as business or communication, an associates degree in English would be a good choice. Most management or middle management positions require at least a Bachelor's Degree. Those interested in being considered for jobs in either of those fields, should consider earning a degree because it will teach them excellent communication skills; skills needed to be successful in any management position.

The nature of earning a bachelor's degree in English Literature will be more of an academic nature, and will focus on courses such as analyzing classic literature, art, and media. You'll have electives to choose from and should pick the ones that will aide in your career choice. For example, you'll want more classes that focus on writing fiction if you plan to be more of a fiction or creative writer. If you're more interested in technology or business, you might want to choose Technical Writing or Business Writing as your electives.

Almost everything we know about history and the world has a basis in English. Whether it's the language used to write down events that happened or not, English is how we've come to understand history. Poetry, diaries, stories, and books are all responsible for giving us information on what different cultures were like at different time periods in different locations. The words we write today may have a major influence on future cultures and their perception of who we were. Not only is a degree in English a wonderful way to feed your mind, it's also an avenue that can lead you into a lifetime career, which may have a great impact on future generations for years to come.