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When you are a Life Coach, you are assisting people with smoothing out and improving their life. You will be investigating and evaluating their life in order to get to know them, set and assess goals, and then initiate strategies in an attempt to meet established goals. It is an action based career.If you love working with people and are goal oriented, this career may be the one for you. Contact your local school in order to find out about this exciting profession.


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The History of the Profession

The Life Coach is considered to be an extension of sports and business coach. It has only existed since the 1980s. It was decided that the techniques that an athlete or a team uses to have success, could also be used for a person to have success. Timothy Gallwey published a book, called “The Inner Game of Tennis” in 1975. Because of this book, shortly thereafter it was noticed that the techniques for playing a successful tennis game could be used in business and in the home. The progression of this idea consequently resulted in the birth of the Life Coach career.

The Steps in the Life Coach Process

A well-trained life coach will get to know the client and the things that the client may want to change or correct. The client is very much in charge of the process, so he or she will guide the goals.After the client and coach are acquainted, then the moves to make in the future will be determined. Life Coaches do not like to revisit painful past mistakes, but instead like to look to the future for new beginnings and changes. There is no guilty party and no pointing of fingers in this process.


Actions will be decided in order to obtain the desired goals. In order to see a sense of accomplishment, these milestones are small. There is a sense of accomplishment when small goals are met frequently.There will be setbacks and there will be new goals. A goal may not be realistic, or may not be determined to not be important. These changes should not be looked at as a disappointment, but a success. The client, with the life-coach is realistically bettering his or her life.


There will be adjustments

If you think that working with people to help them improve their life, will be a career that fits you, then talk to your local school about the profession. There will be some required classes as you work toward your degree. Some schools will have an AA program in this profession. The International Coach Federation oversees the guidelines for the curriculum. This is a new field, and the rules and guidelines are constantly evolving.


Some classes you will need to take in order to obtain your certification or degree are:

• Psychology
• Sociology
• Mentoring
• Meditation
• Health
• Life Coaching Basics
• Sports Therapy
• Mediation
• Hypnotherapy
• Group and Individual Therapy
• Sports and Life


To find out if your local school offers a certificate or an Bachelor’s Degree in the Life Coach field, you will want to contact them. In addition, they can tell you about the cost, course requirements, and potential job prospects for the profession. Some people are excited about the field, but are not sure where they could find employment. This concern should be discussed.


Career Opportunities

There are several places where you can find employment as a Life Coach. There are choices. You can work at a:

• Well Being Center
• Yoga center
• A Private Practice
• In a group Practice
• At a Counseling Center
• At a Rehab or Grief Center


As the career grows more, which it is doing quickly, there will be more extensive job opportunities.



Life coaching is based on the idea of introspection. A coach will guide a person to look closely at his or her life. Mind blocks must be removed and dangerous patterns eliminated. The Life Coach will help to guide this introspection. It always helps to have another person find the areas you want to change.The concept is action driven, so the person involved in the process can see results and is encouraged to continue in the steps. The coach helps provide encouragement and keep the focus on the goals. It is all about analyzing situations and moving forward.