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A degree in Sociology can grant you a lot of good opportunities. Some schools simply offer too many introductory courses in Sociology in order to satisfy your needs, but all students who major in it have to go through the entire degree program. The degree will help you down the road. A bachelor's degree can give you an even handed view of how exactly the world works. The connections you can make at the university level should/could help you find a job in the desired field. The professors should be there to help. They should be glad to help.

A professor should want their students to succeed after going through the degree program that they are associated with. They should be willing to write letters of recommendation for you; this is presuming that they like you. You don't want the help of a professor who actually despises you, no matter how credible they may be in their trade. Pick wisely when selecting a professor to work with on this project.

sociology schoolsCan you work as a social worker if you have a bachelor's degree in sociology? Absolutely, our country certainly need more social workers to make sure people know their options when it comes to applying for things like Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. The economic pressures around the country are forcing some people to turn to these programs. You can work as a social worker on either the local, state or federal level. One of the courses that you may be interested in taking would be the Sociology of Work. Here you can learn about the theories Max Weber for example. You can also take the Sociology of Women on the university level as well. This course can teach you about leaders like Susan B. Anthony. The options that you have are truly endless. Once you develop tenure as a Department of Human Services employee however, your job security is tremendous.

There are many workers out who are green with envy over the fact that social workers get such perks. The perks are necessary for the hard work they do. If you are truly unsure about whether your work in Sociology will lead to something, take solace in the fact that social workers are often in very comfortable situations once they get an idea of how the social services system really works.

The number of credits which you need in order to graduate with a degree in the field can vary from school to school. A school in one region of the country will have different standards there is no uniformity. You can even work as an academic adviser for a sociology program in the future at a university. The people who pay their taxes expect the universities to have people who understand and agree people should know about the intricacies of the degree program in which they work.

People from all walks of life can become interested in Sociology. It does not matter what you feel your fundamental purpose at a particular university may be. You may feel like you are just there to play sports and move on in life. If you are truly interested and passionate about the world around you, you will become entrenched in your courses. The course work you do in sociology truly can teach you about the world. You will then truly be able to consider yourself, a student-athlete with the word student certainly coming first.


Sociology Learning Outcomes and Objectives

- Be able to analyze social problems in general by properly conducting research.

- Show how cultures play a role in influencing individuals or groups.

- Be able to form your own opinion on how social changes and upbringing affects individuals.

- Study urban and rural society and how crime and family play a part in progress.

- Understand complex culture clusters in regards to learning behavioral patterns.

Common Traits for Sociology Majors

Communication – You must have great writing and listening skills.

Testing – must be able to test theories including research and critical thinking skills.

Communication – All college students need to have great communication skills as it is one area any employer will be looking for.