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Social Sciences Bachelor Degree

Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences

The concept of Social Work is not new to society. You see it at the most rudimentary levels of our educational system. The community colleges in some of the smallest towns in the country have courses pertaining to social activism. Most community colleges have fundamentals of social work course. A basic Sociology course will also help you learn a lot of the basics regarding social work. With your Bachelor's degree training in social sciences you are on your way to reaching your goals.

social sciences degreesThere are a lot of people struggling around the country right now and they need social workers in order to make sure some of the needs out there are met. Social workers can also make connections in the business community. A person simply does not have to be relegated to simply drawing the salary of a social activist for the rest of their life. Some popcorn manufacturers for example help feed the homeless in certain situations within the state of Indiana. If you work with the homeless on a regular basis and you like learning about food to feed people with, you can get a job with the popcorn manufacturer. If a manufacturer is nice enough to hire you, you can go on to work with them full time or else go to work with the manufacturer in order to supplement your income as a social worker. A lot of doors should be made open to you.

Social workers can also become deeply involved with the ministry. These kinds of theories can do a lot to keep people off drugs and alcohol for example. A social worker should feel fulfilled if they happen to get one of their clients to kick drugs or alcohol. The social worker can do this through secular or religious means. The point is that you were able to help someone with their demons. You can learn about these demons in college courses as well. The truth is that psychology courses may be able to help a social worker learn some key things regarding mental illness.

Many of the people that you may be working with happen to struggle with mental illness on a regular basis. The mental illness can sometimes lead to drug and alcohol addition. Many people in the city of New Orleans have come to suffer added mental illness due to the stress of their homes not being rebuilt. Someone who is constantly working on the rebuilding of a home can become stressed out and may need to talk to a social worker. The number of social workers needed in the city of New Orleans is probably tremendous. Charlie Melancon, a candidate for the United States Senate in Louisiana would love to see more social workers hired in order to help this wonderful city.

Some of these secular organizations that you can work for can be VISTA or the Peace Corps., for example. You can either work for a domestic organization or one on an international basis. The key is that you have your passport and that you truly care about the people you are working with. If you happen to be working in a faith based community, it is crucial that you respect the views and values of the people. It does not matter how much you may secretly and fundamentally disagree with them. You are there to serve them as a social worker.

The need for quality Social Work is evident in both rural and urban communities. People's incomes continue to slide and this means they may need help from a social worker in order to get back on their feet. The idea of working for a non-profit is appealing to a lot of people, make no mistake about that. Don't sit around and wish you had started your training. Get going and work on your bachelor's degree today in social sciences from an accredited college or university.


Social Sciences Careers

You’ll use what you learned in school including your critical thinking skills and ethical behaviors in a professional environment. Possible career possibilities include:

- Computer Research Assistant
- Consulting
- Social Worker
- Research Investigator
- Management Consultant
- Financial Planner
- Social and Public Services
- Human Resources
- Case Manager or Assistant


Social Sciences Degree Courses

You’ll focus in on research methods and analysis of markets. Study human behavior and even get prepared for graduate studies.

- Economics (macro and micro)
- Legal Studies
- Psychology
- Research Methods including Science and Culture Courses
- Critical Thinking and Writing Courses
- Political Science and History Electives
- Political Science
- Communication in a Global Market
- Organizational Research