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Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies

Religious Studies Bachelor's Degree

A degree in religion is an indication that you foster compassion and a genuine desire to ensure the needs of those around you are met. A bachelor's degree in religious studies encompasses studying many religious belief systems, including the politics and history involved in each. People with this degree could find themselves as a missionary or a religious leader within a church setting. Due to the fact that this degree is broad it focuses on a wide variety of religions.

A bachelor's degree is a four-year degree that focuses on religious traditions and beliefs from all over the world. Most degree programs in this area require completion of high school and a good SAT or ACT score as a prerequisite. Courses required for this degree study a wide range of religions along with their history and cultural backgrounds. Studies of ancient text and philosophy courses are also included in the courses of study. Programs that provide a degree in religious studies often correlate with studies in other disciplines, including world history, politics, philosophy, and arts and humanities.

religious studies schools Often students combine this degree with majors and minors in humanities and philosophy. Another option to consider while pursuing this degree is that religious affiliated colleges offer degrees that are more specialized in one type of religious leadership. For example, a person interested in going into full-time ministry may want to focus more on the area of theology while a person that is more interested in teaching may want to add more of a focus towards religious education.

Students working towards such a degree might study the relationship among religion and society as well as the role of religion in history and present-day civilizations. Coursework includes courses in religious theory, modern religious philosophy, the role of women in religious history, and politics. Basic skills gained in a religious studies program include cultural knowledge, reading and writing, and communication skills. Throughout this degree program, students will be provided with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills required to analyze, interpret and understand religious texts.

A person with a degree in religious studies will likely find career opportunities as a minister, missionary, religious writer, religious program director, religious counselor, or working for a religious organization or charity. Some people have the perception that only individuals interested in full-time ministry seek a bachelor's degree in religious studies. However, there are many related fields, such as teaching, journalism, or counseling, in which a person with a religious studies degree may find employment. Individuals holding an education in religious studies are also in an ideal situation for applying to higher level degree programs to work towards continuing their education. A degree in religious studies provides students with the knowledge of religion and history as well as the imperative and analytical skills that are a benefit in any career. An education in religious studies imparts a foundation of assessment and introspection on how society operates.

Religious Studies Bachelor’s Degree

Study the history of religion, to become a teacher or scholar of research. Take courses that will help you earn your degree in approximately 4 years.

- Religious World Symbols
- Christian Counseling and Evangelism
- Western Religious Traditions
- Islam and Jewish Religious
- Buddhist and Chinese Philosophy
- Religious Education in Democracy
- Biblical Languages and Testaments
- Classic Theory in Social Evolution
- Biblical Studies in Society


Religious Careers

It is important to understand others cultures and how they even relate to business. The degree is more about the study of people than religion. As a teacher you’ll understand the relationship between education and religion as well as how policies are affected.

- Clergy
- Ministries
- Local and Community Church
- Museums
- Missions
- Social Services
- Journalist