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Political Science Bachelor Degree Program

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

Those who major in political science should be ready to study about power, politics and government. There are many career options for students majoring in this field. The more common fields include law, government service, business, policy analysis, and teaching. Political science really can get you involved in the community. You want to be able to change people's lives through the means of public policy. There are several different ways to get involved with different organizations after you stop majoring in political science and decide to look for a job. Start by researching the schools below that offer bachelor's degree in political science. This is the first step toward reaching your career goals.

political science degrees If you take a course on the Constitution at your particular university, then of course you can end up becoming a constitutional lawyer. The genres of political science and law are closely related in many ways. There are plenty of taxpayers out there in a lot of states who believe that too many lawyers enter politics, but that truly is a loaded question.

Some of the political blogs out there will now hire some consultants who've worked in the field of political science before. Blue Oregon had a lot of people who were involved with Nick Novick's campaign for the United States Senate in Oregon as paid consultants. The truth is that some people in the political world view it as a conflict of interest for some bloggers to be involved as paid consultant for a campaign. They don't like the fact that some campaigns can get the free advertising.

There are a lot of good political campaigns out there to work with. A state like California has plenty of ballot referendums every election and they want people to get organized and involved in the process. There are plenty of universities who end up helping you with ballot advocacy for example by educating you about the intricacies of organization. Good organization can be key for a political campaign. An example of a successful ballot campaign would be the anti-tax proposals pushed by former Governor Pete Wilson. The anti-property tax measures pushed by Pete Wilson in the early 1990's were very popular in particular. Pete Wilson was even able to launch a successful campaign and run for the United States Senate through these. You can also learn about the key differences between a liberal and a conservative in your college political science courses. These differences can be essential to political discussion.

A good thing about majoring in Political Science is that political campaigns can go year around. The campaigns for Governor and United States Senate tend to meld together and many people out there soon cannot tell the difference between the two. There are classes you can take in college to learn about the statistics in a given area and what kind of people are voting for a certain politician and what the views of those voters are. If a political consultant has not taken the right courses and they don't know what exactly the voters are looking for from their candidates then the political consultant may not have successful campaigns.

Obtaining a bachelor's degree in this field of study will give you the lifestyle you can be comfortable in. Although there is a fair amount of competition, students in this field can find many positions in other job industry sectors. By having this bachelor's degree, graduates will have learned to think logically, debate, and communicate so they can be successful in their career choice.


Core Curriculum Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

If you are interested in politics and the government than a degree in political science might be the right path for you to take. You’ll study courses in international relations, foreign policy and communications.

- English and Communications
- Political Behavior and Research Methods
- Race and Ethnicity in Society
- American Politics
- Constitutional Law
- Foreign Policy
- Government and Policy Making
- Criminal Justice System in the US
- International Business
- American Foreign Policy


Student Learning Assessments & Outcomes

- Create and analyze public policies at the federal and state level.
- Communication regarding the influence of policy change.
- Apply methods of ethics in a political system.
- Take on government advocacy and business writing as it relates to policymaking.


Career Salary
The median pay for a graduate in political science is $104,920 year. The industry has over 6200 jobs in this field. The Federal government makes up over 60% of all jobs and is the highest paid salary. Local educational services is the lowest at $57,060 per year