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Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy

A degree in philosophy is an accomplishment and a solid basis for continuing inquiry into the meaning of life. If you are a person that loves to continuously learn and you constantly question everything trying to make sense of it all, then a degree in philosophy may be well suited for you. Philosophy majors spend their college career contemplating questions about life, law, human nature, and ethics as posed by many of the great philosophers throughout history. They also study logic and why people think the way they do.

Philosophy is an enormous field and it is impossible to study all of it and gain an in-depth knowledge. Therefore you will need to begin by specializing in a certain area of philosophy early on in your studies. A Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy prepares you for numerous careers, mainly because philosophy stresses good writing skills, research skills, and argument skills, which are required in many career fields. Careers in areas such as journalism, communication, public relations, and research are among several opportunities you may pursue as job options. Journalism is a great career opportunity for a philosophy major. Your bachelor's degree in philosophy will help enlighten your thinking, writing and capacity for analysis.

While working towards you degree in philosophy you will spend a large amount of time researching and writing, which is great preparation for communication jobs such as public relations and marketing. Many philosophy graduates are also able to find job opportunities in the area of sales due to their ability to make great arguments and their superior persuasive power to sell products. While earning a degree in philosophy you will spend much time reading and synthesizing information and writing to express your new found knowledge. These skills provide a philosophy major with a great opportunity to seek a career in the area of research and analysis.

A bachelor's degree in philosophy is not intended to prepare you for a particular career, but instead, to give you an extensive and wide-ranging perception of the world, our values, and our place in the world. The skills acquired while earning a philosophy degree are what serve as great credentials for landing a job of your desire. Many careers demand training in critical and abstract thinking, which is exactly what you are prepared for while earning a philosophy degree.

As you work towards earning a philosophy degree you may want to focus your undergraduate efforts on preparation for earning a higher degree. Many graduates receiving philosophy training continue on to pursue further education in areas related to law, education, publishing, politics, public relations, religion, business management, art and architecture. You will need to ensure that you take courses geared toward the path you plan to take while continuing your education. A bachelor's degree of philosophy will ensure that you develop high-level research and communication skills that will prepare you for the challenges of exhibiting excellence in the career path that you choose.

What Can I do with my Philosophy Degree?

You have a lot of options when you graduate with your Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Become a Teacher – You will need to get licensed in your state however many high schools and colleges look for philosophy graduates that are licensed to teach other related courses.

Journalism – Start your career as a journalist for a local publication or even online media companies. Journalists have the candid ability to work with people and communicate effectively.

Public Relations – A public relations manage or assistant controls what information is given about the company to the media. This trusted individual needs to be able to communicate with others both verbally as well as in writing.

Non-Profit Companies & Business Management


Students can Demonstrate

- Understanding of liberal arts courses and natural sciences.

- To be able to intellectually talk about serious philosophical problems in society.


Philosophy Courses

You’ll have a good well-rounded education, critical thinking skills and able to speak and communicate effectively with ethical reasoning upon graduation.

- Natural Sciences
- Philosophers of our Time
- Ancient and Modern Philosophy
- Introduction to Feminist Philosophy
- Business Courses
- History