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Human Services Bachelor Degree Online

Bachelor's Degree in Human Services

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management degree is a degree program that is tailored to the needs of students wishing to further their studies in the Human Services Industry. This degree, once completed and paired with a Bachelor's of Art in Human Services or other relevant degree, will complete the well-rounded and specialized skill sets required to facilitate a career in the Management of organizations within the Human Services Industry.

This degree consists of courses that directly compliment the Associate of Art I Human Services. The bachelor's degree program is what builds the foundational skills necessary in order to advance to this degree program. This degree program utilizes the information, skills and fundamental knowledge learned in the courses of the degree and applies that knowledge as a foundation for the core concentration courses for Human Services/Management.

The core courses will teach the student advanced fundamental skills needed to advance in the Management process of the Human Services Industry. The program combines the academic programs of the foundational skills of human services with the specialized skills of management. The core concentration classes for the Human Services portion of the degree include classes such as Introduction to Human Services, Communication skills for the Human Services Professional, Human Lifespan Development, case management and models of effective helping, along with many others.

These classes will help the student obtain such needed fundamental skills such as the ability to understand external customer relationships, the ability to identify the unique features of the ethnically diverse populations and "specific" populations and those populations' particular needs and the specific skills needed to effectively work in an organizational community while understanding underlying purposes and key concepts.

The concentration core courses pertaining to Management will prepare the student in areas such as planning, organizing, leading and assessing. They will learn by way of the specialized courses such as Marketing, Financial analysis, Quality Management and productivity, critical thinking and organizational behavior and the practice and application of management of organizational areas. These classes will instill some critical skill sets including the ability to use critical to make critical decisions in a tricky or closed situation, the embracing of workforce diversity, ability to recognize and change elements of effective communication and performance systems, among many other critical skill sets necessary for the concentration of Management.

This degree completes a well-rounded area of Human Services and Management and instills in the student many different needed critical and specialized skills needed in order to be more effective within the public and private environments. This also allows the student the ability to use their knowledge to get ahead in the real world work place.


Human Service Learning Outcomes

- Understand child development and how it impacts the lives of children.
- Create informed solutions and strategies.
- The ability and desire to help others in a timely and effectively manner.
- Design methods for facilitating community involvement and partnerships.
- Apply theory and ethical decision making in the field of human services.


Online Vs. Campus Human Services Degree

Employment – Have you talked to a possible employer to find out if they hire individuals who have taken your degree online? We haven’t seen this very often however we have seen cases where employers want only employees who have graduated from a regionally accredited school.

Flexibility – Sometimes family constraints will prevent you from attending a campus that is near you. We realize that life can get in the way of education so online training might be the best option for you.

Self-Discipline – Can you study by yourself? Do you find it easier to work in a classroom setting? Make sure you really examine this as you don’t want to enroll in an online degree program if you don’t have a high level of self-discipline.

Teacher Interaction – Some students need instant feedback from their instructors and live interaction. If you take an online program you will usually only get feedback when you ask for it and it usually isn’t on a weekly basis.

Campus Life – What will you be missing at the campus if you take an online degree? Do you want more of a traditional college experience?