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Child Development Bachelor's Degree & Training

Child Develoment Bachelor's Degree

If you enjoy being around children and you think that you have the ability to teach them, then it may be a good idea to pursue your bachelor's degree in child development. Once you have completed your high school diploma requirements, you can begin setting your sights on your bachelor's degree program. After you have selected the four year college or university that you want to attend, you will probably need to submit a copy of your transcript and a copy of your ACT scores in order to be considered for admission.

Once you are accepted into a college's child development program you will begin learning everything you need to know about literacy and reading at an early age level and how to teach children that come from different cultural backgrounds. While this is not a common educational path for students who want to become a teacher, it is a feasible option that will prepare you to obtain state licensure. Of course, should you take this educational path you will still be required to earn a passing score on the relevant parts of the Praxis to earn licensure for the state you reside in. Furthermore, it may be required for prospective students to have some child development experience or to have completed a course of study that will prepare them to earn a child development degree before they gain admittance into a program.

The course work that is required to obtain a bachelor's degree in child development will teach you about literacy, reading, and instructional methods as it relates to young children. It is common for students pursuing this degree program to take classes such as development assessment, observation and assessment, families in the educational process, interventions for infants and children with disabilities, literacy in multilingual settings, integrating instructional technology, child abuse and issues of neglect, emergent literacy, and psychosocial development in infants and children.

Keep in mind, many colleges and universities offer many of the courses required by this degree program in an online format. While this may not suit the learning style of all students, for many this will allow them the opportunity to pursue their education while maintaining their family or job obligations. No matter what type of instructional format you decide to choose as you further your education, you will want to be sure that the learning institution you choose is accredited. This will ensure that your diploma is valid and that the instruction you will be receiving will be applicable in the work force.

Upon successful completion of a bachelor's degree program in child development you will be able to seek employment as a day care infant specialist, a parenting educator or a head start teacher. Additionally, this bachelor's degree program is also ideal for individuals who want to work in a social work related career field. Should you decide to further your educational degree in relation to child development, you will be able to pursue child development positions that are on more of a managerial or executive type basis.


Child Development Student Learning Outcomes

Most students that enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development program wish to either become a teacher or stay in school and continue with their education to perhaps one day become a professor. Depending on the school that you attend they could have different learning assessments and outcomes that they want each of their graduates to fully understand. Below are just a few of the more common outcomes. The industry is expected to grow 17% over the next 5 years.

- Understand the development of language and development of children.
- Created a learning environment for young children based on their developmental needs.
- Fully understand early childhood advocacy and leadership skills.
- Receive CPR and first aid training for children.
- Learn how society affects the development of young children.
- Make logical, informed decision regarding a child’s healthy development.


Child Development Courses

Learn how to work with children in their future development. Courses you’ll take during your Bachelor’s degree include but are not limited to:

- Adolescent Development
- Religious Beliefs
- Curriculum Development
- Society and Kids
- Preschool Psychology
- Children of Different Cultures
- Cognitive Development
- Family Behavior and Society on Young Children


Career Tracts

Being a teacher is the top goal of those seeing a degree in child development however the industry is full of different careers you can choose from. Often graduates are hired as assistants first before they can secure a full-time teacher job.

- Teacher or Preschool Assistant
- Private Agencies
- Occupational Child Specialist
- Child Daycare Provider or Administrator
- Owner of Child Education Facility
- Family Counselor
- Social Service Counselor
- Head Start Program Director