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Do you want to have a career that is focused on helping people when they are not feeling their best? Do you look forward to learning new medical information that will help you be the best possible nurse that you can be? Are you ready to begin working towards your bachelor's degree so that you can get started in your dream career path? If you said yes to each of these questions, then keep reading so you can learn what you need to know to begin traveling the educational avenue towards becoming a nurse.

healthcare degrees Of course, the first requirement you must complete is obtaining your high school diploma (or the equivalent). You will want to be sure that you take a significant amount of math and science classes and that you have good grades in these courses, which will be reflected on your transcript. In addition, you will want to earn a satisfactory score on your ACT examination, which you will also need to submit to the college or university of your choosing. Once you are ready to begin working towards your bachelor's degree, you may consider attending a small community college to work on your prerequisites. While this is certainly not a requirement, the majority of your course work should transfer when you are ready to apply to nursing school at a larger college. Remember, to obtain your bachelor's degree in nursing you will need to complete 120 hours of course work, which will likely take you approximately two years.

The majority of the course work that is required by this degree program is focused on the area of science, so you will want to be sure that you are proficient in this subject area. It is common for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing to be required to complete courses such as: organic chemistry, nutrition, chemistry, human growth, biology, human anatomy, and a range of liberal arts classes. Depending upon the post-secondary learning institution that you choose to attend you will probably also be required to complete classes related to technology. Specifically, you may study business courses that focus on technology and courses that teach about management information systems. Course work such as this will help to ensure that once in the work force you will be knowledgeable in the recent technology trends as they relate to nursing.

After completing the course work that you will need to become a nurse, you will still be required to earn a passing score on a national licensing examination. It is important to understand that without this examination, you will not be able to practice nursing in any venue. As you enter the work force as a nurse, you should expect to spend your time administering medication, recording a patient's statistics in a chart, assisting the doctor or physician, administering therapy or treatment, and counseling with healthcare clinicians. It is often important that in your capacity as a nurse you are able to not only treat a patient, but to also educate them and their family members regarding their diagnosis or their health in general.


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