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Do you have a natural talent for yoga? Would you like to put that to work as a career? While in the past a bachelor's degree has not been required for this career path, it is becoming more common for individuals pursuing this type of career to obtain formal training. If you want to have a career in a field related to yoga, then you should consider obtaining your bachelor's degree in a health or fitness related field. Completion of this degree program will make it more likely for you to secure professionally satisfying employment. Of course, the first thing you must do is complete the classes necessary to get your high school diploma.

You will want to make sure that you get the best grades possible, since you will likely be required to submit a copy of your transcript to the college or university of your choosing. In addition, it is a good idea to take your ACT exam and earn a satisfactory score. After you have completed the course work necessary to obtain your degree, you will be able to work as a yoga instructor in a variety of specialty areas. For instance, you could choose to teach yoga to a group of senior citizens, to women who are pregnant, or to children. Some individuals prefer to teach yoga to people as a means of helping with issues like depression, asthma, anxiety, or stress. Typically, yoga instructors seek employment in a studio that only focuses on yoga, through a self-employment means of obtaining individual clients, or through fitness centers.

As a yoga instructor you will be responsible for teaching the low impact exercise of yoga, which requires individuals to use controlled poses and breathing techniques. The purpose of yoga is to give a person improved strength and improved flexibility. The course work that is required will provide you with the specialized training you need to conduct a yoga class. After receiving training you will be prepared to teach a class in a one on one format or in a group setting. As an extra benefit, being a yoga instructor will allow you to reduce your own level of mental stress as well as tone and sculpt your body.

Due to the varied types of yoga training and certification, there is no set amount of hourly requirements that all prospective yoga instructors must complete. As you begin your course work for this degree program you will want to select a yoga training program that best fits the style of yoga that you hope to teach. While the type of yoga training programs differs from one another, they are each quite involved and physically rigorous in nature. Therefore, it is important that before you enter a yoga training program that you gain some yoga experience, even if it is as a student. A common training choice is to complete a 200 hour course that culminates in your registration as a yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. This requires students to take classes related to yoga techniques and the human body.

Yoga Alliance

Earn your Bachelor’s degree as well as your yoga certification by meeting all of the graduation and hour requirements to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. The Alliance offers both a 500 and 200 hour training program and you can contact them directly. One of the requirements however is that 90% of the training that you do has to be in a classroom setting so be cautious of any program that says they are fully online as you won’t qualify for your certification.

Popular Yoga Courses

During your Bachelor’s degree in yoga you’ll take courses related to:
- History of Yoga
- Meditation
- Fundaments of Yoga
- Sanskrit
- Human Anatomy and Physiology
- Yoga Therapy
- Teaching Yoga in a Group Setting


Start your own Yoga Business

Opening up your own yoga business after you graduate with your degree is easier than you might think. Follow the below steps to help you on your journey.

Education – Earn your Bachelor’s degree in yoga as well as any additional certification that you can. Your clients will appreciate receiving training from a well-educated teacher.

Practical Experience – It is recommended that you get some training first from another training center and learn how to teach a class. Also knowing how to run the business side is extremely important and many of the degree programs you’ll research will offer business related courses just for this reason.

Open up Shop – Once you find your location you can open your doors and start building up your clients.

Marketing – Focus locally and on your brand. What are you known for? What type of yoga? Website with prices and class scheudues. You also must be on social media to keep your customers updated. Market to local dance schools, condo gyms, schools and even hospitals. Think non-traditional ways of marketing your new yoga business.

Referrals – Your clients come first, they are the best way to grown our shop and classes. Ask for referrals and you’ll be surprised how quickly your classes will star filling up.

Hiring – If you take on more than a few classes you’ll need to hire. Don’t just hire anyone. Hire trained individuals with a good track record.