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Bachelor's Degree in Sports Fitness Management

If you have a knack for business and a love for all things athletic, then why not combine the two for a career that is sure to be enjoyable? This field of study is designed to teach students how to help individuals reach their fitness goals. In addition, students will be learning valuable business skills that will allow them to effectively manage. Upon completion of this degree program you will be capable of seeking employment as a coach, a sports officiator, or a sports instructor

Depending upon the post-secondary learning institution that you choose to attend, you will likely be required to complete courses that are related to sport and fitness history, sport and fitness management, marketing skills, health and safety standards, sales, and business. Your degree program should also teach you how to analyze an existing sport and fitness program and service and identify ways that it can be improved upon. Specific classes that you will be expected to successfully complete are: law and ethics in sport and fitness management, managerial accounting, prevention and care of athletic injuries, human resources management, sport facilities, public relations, personnel administration, interpersonal communications, accounting principles, marketing principles, sport and fitness marketing, and organizational behavior and management. It is important to note that the previously mentioned courses are specifically related to your major and must be completed in addition to your general education courses.

After obtaining your bachelor's degree in sport and fitness management you could choose to pursue a career as a coach. Not only do coaches work with their team during a game, they also work with them prior to the game to teach them social skills and physical skills. In your capacity as a coach it is important that you are able to work with a varying group of ability levels and can improve upon the skills set that individuals may already have. On the management end of being a coach, you will be responsible for managing materials, supplies, and equipment. Furthermore, you will have to manage your team behind the scenes in practice sessions as well as when appearing publicly. Should you pursue a career as a sports instructor you will spend the majority of your time designing training programs that specifically suit an athlete's needs.

In this profession, you would be responsible for managing athletes by coordinating their training schedules, along with serving as a leader. In this job, you will spend much of your time working on a one on one basis with one specific athlete at a time. If becoming a sport official (including referees and umpires) sounds appealing to you, then your bachelor's degree will definitely qualify you. In this capacity, it will be important for you to stay abreast of rules and regulations and the appropriate penalties for a sports offense. It is common for sport officials to referee a variety of types of games. It is important for these individuals to be in good physical condition so that they can keep up with the players in order to make accurate calls.