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Bachelor's Degree in Alternative Medicine

If you find alternative forms of medicine and treatment exciting, then perhaps you should consider entering this career world. A bachelor's degree in alternative medicine will make it possible for you to enter this work force in an entry level position as an assistant in an office that practices alternative medicine. For instance, you would be qualified to seek employment in a naturopathic physician's offices, with a fitness company, in a chiropractic doctor's offices, at a social assistance company, or with an acupuncturist. If an entry-level position is not really what you had in mind, then maybe you should consider furthering your level of education to receive training in a more specialized area of alternative medicine. Of course, before you can begin working on any level of post-secondary education, you must first complete your high school requirements to obtain your diploma. Depending upon the college or university that you decide to attend, you may also be required to meet a minimum GPA in order to be admitted into their program.

alternative medicine schools Alternative medicine is considered to be any type of medical procedures or practices that do not fall under the category of traditional Western medicine as it is provided by licensed doctors, nurses, and therapists. Instead, individuals who practice alternative methods of medicine use the body's natural process of healing to promote health and wellness in a holistic manner. It is important to realize that not all doctors who practice alternative medicine think that it should be used on its own. Often, doctors of alternative medicine will use their medical procedures or practices in conjunction with some standard forms of medical treatment.

As you begin working towards your bachelor's degree in alternative medicine you will be completing classes that have been designed to teach you how to think critically and how to investigate different medical techniques. In addition, you will also need to learn about nutrition, the art of healing naturally, and the use of herbs in medical treatments. While course work for a degree program varies from one college to another, it is likely that you will have to complete classes such as: antioxidants, feng shui, stress reduction, ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, meditation, acupuncture, herbal medicine, global health, and therapeutic massage. Although these courses may not be what are required by your choice of college, you can definitely expect to focus your studies on standard health care, behavioral sciences, and theories of alternative treatments. Some schools allow their students to focus on one form of alternative treatment for a study emphasis. Common choices for focus are: massage, energy healing, Chinese medicine, American medicine, and naturopathy.

Upon obtaining your bachelor's degree in alternative medicine, you may want to also obtain state licensure or additional certification. This will make it possible for you to work as a massage therapist, a herbalist, a yoga instructor, a reiki master, or an acupuncturist. Many individuals who have their alternative medicine degree choose to attend medical or nursing school to open up additional employment options.


What You’ll Learn During Training

Finding a school where you can start your Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine can be challenging. Not every college or state has schools that offer this degree. Lucky for you the degree is available online which will allow you to take the program from anywhere in the world. Start your journey and find a school near you or online for your degree training.

- Non-allopathic Health Systems
- Get training on alternative health terminology
- Study trends in healthcare practices
- Understand anatomy and physiology and advanced relaxation techniques
- Study front office duties including health information records and EHRs
- Learn about holistic health in traditional medicine
- Take courses in organic chemistry as well as in clinical science
- Study the public health system including the ethical issues facing the public sector


Alternative Medicine Career Options

If you have ever wanted a career you can be proud of and one that helps out others in need then a career in alternative medicine could be the right fit. The career is so much more than finding alternatives for patients to deal with their medical issues. Check out some of the careers that you can qualify for once you earn your Bachelor’s degree in alternative medicine.

- Herbal Alternative Practitioner
- Aromatherapy Consultant or Sales Manager
- Herbal Consultant or Educator
- Home Health or Nursing Home Alternative Medicine Counselor
- Spa Instructor
- Health Food Manager
- Professional Wellness Coach
- Massage Therapy (with a focus in Alternative Medicine and Aromatherapy)


Alternative Medicine Q&A

Sandy Nichols – Wellness Coach in Alternative Medicine

Interviewer: Can you tell me about your career
Ms. Nichols: I’m the Wellness Coach that focuses on alternative medicine for a group of doctors here in Florida. My role is to help others that want an alternative way to help with their injuries or illness. It is a rather new position but the group I work for has seen more and more patients come in that simply want to do something more natural.

Interviewer: Outside of wanting an alternative method why do you think some people want to pursue alternative medicine.

Ms. Nichols: I think people for the most part hear horror stories regarding taking so many drugs. It seems these days they have a drug to fix almost everything but the problem is they cause serious side effects. Also patients sometimes don’t have the insurance coverage that covers what the doctor prescribes. Some insurance companies will pay for consultation with a wellness coach like myself and some of the alternative health methods I use are life changing methods.

Interviewer: Besides prescribing alternative medicine what else do you do for your patients?

Ms. Nichols: I think sometimes people think I prescribe pills but in actuality I deal mainly with diet, nutrition supplements, yoga, and acupuncture and even massage therapy. Sometimes simple things like acupuncture can cure things quicker and for a longer period of time vs. taking prescribed drugs.