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CADD Bachelor's Degrees

By obtaining your bachelor's degree in computer aided drafting design (CADD) you will have the opportunity to work in the fields of mechanical engineering, architecture, electronics, or aeronautics. In the work place you will use technology to bring your drawings and designs to life. This will typically be in the area of architecture, mechanics, and electronics. While your degree may mostly make entry-level positions become available to you, by continuing your education and adding to your valuable experience level, you are almost guaranteed to continue to thrive in this career field.

Keep in mind, you must first obtain your high school diploma and earn a satisfactory score on your ACT, especially in the math and science areas. You will likely have to submit copies of these documents to gain admittance into a bachelor's degree program

In your capacity as a computer aided drafting designer you will spend your days creating plans by using specific software. These plans are intended to demonstrate how a structure or a product should be made. Generally, these plans and drawings include the materials that the engineers, architects, and scientists will need, along with the specifications and procedures that they will need to follow. You will be responsible for inserting last minute details and making changes that are necessary. Since your drawings and designs will be done using computer software, it will be fairly easy to handle last minute details.

As you work to obtain your bachelor's degree you will more than likely choose an area of focus. Common focus areas for students are: process pipelines, electronics, civil engineering, mechanics, aeronautics, and architecture. In order to be fully prepared to enter the work force you will want to ensure that you are proficient with CADD systems.

This will allow you to focus your studies on two dimensional and three dimensional design renderings and technical drafting. Also, some vendors provide additional certification options that may be appealing to you depending on your area of focus and your place of employment. It is important to note that this bachelor's degree program requires significant course work in the subject areas of math, English, and science. In fact, many colleges and universities require their students to take (and earn satisfactory scores on) proficiency exams in these subject areas before they are accepted into a degree program.

This four year course of study is not offered by all campus based colleges and universities.

For the learning institutions that do offer this bachelor's degree program, students are required to first complete general education classes. This includes courses in social sciences, physical sciences, English composition, and mathematics. Once you are ready to begin your more major specific course work you will be required to successfully complete classes like: technical illustration, mechanics of materials, technical writing, basic AutoCAD, civil drafting, structural drafting, machine drafting, industrial design, and machine tool technology. This is a growing industry; by obtaining your bachelor's degree, along with any relevant certification, you are sure to experience success.


CADD Courses

Your Bachelor’s Degree in CADD Design is designed to give you the hands-on experience needed to be successful in CAAD. Computer aided architectural design is a great career that has continued to grow over the years.

- Rendering Courses
- Graphic Design
- Drawing and Mechanical Drafting
- 2 and 3D Design Software
- Civil Engineering
- Structural Drafting and Presentations


Learning Outcomes and Assessments


Below are some of the outcomes and expectations that the schools expect when you graduate with your Bachelor’s Degree in CADD.

- Be able to draft objects based on client’s specifications.
- Demonstrate your proficiency in the newest 3D software.
- Be able to give detailed presentations and communicate your drawings to clients.
- Understand industry standards in civil, structural and mechanical engineering.


Top Careers and Salary Outlook for CADD Designers

The CADD industry has a yearly growth rate of 4% with an average salary of $49,970 to $67,000 per year. Top industries include medical, manufacturing and construction.

- Drafters Architecture
- Building Manager
- Illustrator
- Aeronautical Drafting
- Mechanical Drafter
- Digital Circuit Designer
- Building Information Modeler