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The career world of culinary arts is multi-faceted, which allows prospective students entering this field many occupational options to choose from. If you are most comfortable when you are in the kitchen working your magic, then this may be an appropriate career path for you. Continue reading below to find out all you need to know about pursuing your Bachelor's degree in culinary arts.

culinary arts schools Of course, before you can begin working on your bachelor's degree program you must first obtain your high school diploma, or the equivalent. While many post-secondary schools offer a varied instructional approach, the end result will basically be the same. Students who are pursuing their degree in culinary arts will spend class time learning within the classroom as well as within a hands-on laboratory setting. A student should expect it to take approximately four years for him or her to receive their degree in this field of study. Some schools offer a shorter, two year course of study for individuals who are interested in quickly beginning their career in culinary arts. However, it is important to realize that the positions that this degree program make available are not as extensive as the opportunities made available by a degree.

In the beginning of this degree program students will be learning about proper nutrition, kitchen procedures, how to correctly use a variety of knives, and proper food presentation. As students get further into their concentration courses, they will be learning how to properly order supplies for a kitchen, how to take inventory, how to manage food and beverages, and how to handle bookkeeping tasks. Typically, an individual who has their culinary arts degree will be capable of seeking employment as a manager of an eating establishment. Furthermore, the bachelor's degree program couples food related instruction with business related courses. Keep in mind, your degree will also allow you to focus your career path in bakery and pastry arts management as well as culinary management.

After obtaining your training you will be capable of seeking employment in food sales, cooking work located around a television or magazine, by opening your own small business, or as an educator who teaches prospective culinary arts students. Additionally, an individual with a degree will have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a catering manager. Should you decide this position is a good fit for your career goals, you will likely spend your time working within the hospitality industry to plan the food portion of specific events. In this capacity, you will need to be able to work with clients and communicate effectively to ensure that the event goes as well as the client had hoped. With your degree you could also become a culinary manager. In this position you would be capable of managing kitchens in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. Another possible occupation is to become a sous chef. This individual is the direct assistant to the head chef of a restaurant.


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