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Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration

Criminal Justice Administration Bachelor's Degree

Do you want a change into an exciting career? Are you looking for something new? Have you been always interested in police work but didn't want to become a cop? Now you can do it! You have an opportunity right at your finger tips and we have listed the schools to make those dreams come true. Many of the schools offer Bachelor's degree training in criminal justice admin.

Even if you are working and can not afford to leave the job because of your responsibilities, there is a way to achieve both, that is keep working and get a degree to further your career chances. The internet has made life easier for everyone and we can't escape how big of an impact it has made in our lives. For years taking an online course was clumsy at best, but after years and years of testing, larger schools have made going to school better than attending a live lecture. You can learn at your own pace. Take classes when it suits you. You do not have to leave your current job.

criminal justice administration If you went to a traditional brick and mortar school it would take you 4 years to get an bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and 4 years for your bachelors. The time and money you need to spend to get a online degree is considerable less without all the headache of traveling to class, parking, and wasting time waiting for your professor to start. Once you get your associate degree in criminal justice administration you can work with lawyers and companies that handle legal documents. You could provide much needed support within an office setting and you are working towards your ultimate goal of doing criminal justice as a full tie career.

The demand is increasing in this sector and properly training individuals that are willing to work hard will always be in big demand. During your degree program you'll learn about general psychology, legal ethics, and morality in criminal justice, criminal law, judicial process, behavioral sciences and police procedure. While learning about all the factors in criminal justice administration you will get new set of skills such as business communication skills, legal ethics skills, criminal justice skills, business administration skills, computer information system skills.

The degree along with the skills acquired on the way will enable you to be efficient worker in any office setting. You can handle customers with ease and work with the prospective clients with limited assistance. If you prove yourself to company you get hired by your possibilities are endless and you can apply all the skills you have learned. Getting an associate degree in criminal justice administration is a step in the right direction. Remember it is an opportunity worth considering. It could be your passport to a great life.


Graduation Student Outcomes

When you complete your Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration you will have passed all the necessary courses to earn your degree. The courses you took were all designed to provide you with an understanding of the duties you’ll be expected to do in your career. Below are just some of the schools’ outcomes on what they expect you to know.

- Understand the theories of criminal justice including the court system and law enforcement.

- Analyze the impact society has on the criminal justice system

- Understand laws and how the bill of rights affects local and federal laws.

- Compare different management structures within the criminal justice system.

- Be able to utilize your administration training in a professional setting.


Courses for your Bachelor's Degree

Your criminal justice administration degree is designed to promote leadership in the field of criminal justice. Find a school that has flexible class schedules and a learning environment that is right for you. Some of the schools that are listed offer externships which is something to take advantage of as they sometimes can lead to future employment.

- Constitutional Law
- Cultural Diversity
- Criminal Law and Law Enforcement
- Justice System

- Fire Science Career
- Terrorism
- Laws of Criminal Evidence
- Research Methods in Criminal Justice
- Criminology Theory
- Juvenile Justice System
- Mental Health Intervention


Criminal Justice Administration Careers

Many of the careers you’ll find will be related to law enforcement at the local, state or federal level. Careers that are often found by graduates include:

- Correctional Officer
- Criminal Justice Administrator
- Security Officer
- Court Bailiff
- Probation Officers
- Victim Advocate