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Web Design Bachelor's Degree

If computers are your thing then maybe you should consider pursuing your Bachelor's degree in web design. This will make it possible for you to become gainfully employed as a web developer, a multimedia artist, or a web designer. Regardless of the employment avenue you choose, you will spend the majority of your time developing websites for businesses and clients.

As you start planning your educational path, you will want to do your homework with regards to a post-secondary school that offers an appropriate degree program. For instance, many traditional four year colleges and universities offer a degree program in web design, but encourage their students to choose another area of focus to go along with their major. Typical areas that are suggested for focus, along with web design, are: multimedia, technology design, or graphic design.

web design schools No matter which secondary area of focus you choose, you will likely be learning about the models and systems that exist behind digital media and visual communication. Additional emphasis will be directly aligned with your chosen areas of educational focus. The majority of your studies in this bachelor degree program will be conducted in a computer lab.

This may make it more feasible for you to pursue this degree program through a traditional campus based approach. This degree program typically requires four years of course work from students and upon completion, will result in them having a portfolio that shows their capabilities. This is a great tool for you to have for potential employers as you begin your job search.


Website Design Schools


Before you can start your web design focused course work you will probably be required to finish entry level courses. Depending on your choice of school, you will need to complete your general education courses, as well as classes related to computer science and information technology. It is highly recommended that students have a solid background in mathematics and English to succeed in this field. Some of the required web design courses you will have to complete are: web publishing, usability testing, web applications programming, visual communications theories, web based interactivity, digital design and arts, web design, structured systems design, multimedia production, and visual communications theories. These technically related courses will prepare you by teaching you all the skills necessary to function as a web designer.

Once you have completed your Bachelor's degree program in web design, you can seek employment in several different areas. While at first glance some of these options may not appeal to you, it is recommended that you keep an open mind. This career field is growing rapidly and the competition for positions is sometimes fierce. Some of your employment options include: web publications specialist, graphic artist, web producer, media integration specialist, or website designer.

Keep in mind, web designers work to create a website based on specifications that are communicated by a client or business. Therefore, it is crucial that you are capable of listening to what a client wants and using your expertise to deliver an accurate representation.


Become a Web Design Consultant

One amazing thing about being a computer web designer is you have plenty of options when it comes to employment after you earn your Bachelor’s in Web Design degree. One of the areas that many decide upon is being a freelancer or web design consultant. Take a look at some of the advantages of being a consultant

Salary – Probably the biggest reason why becoming a web design consultant is so attractive is you are able to handle many clients at the same time and the price you charge them is typically higher than if you would work full-time for an employers. Web designers usually can charge their clients between $75-100 per hour for design work.

Work Hours – By being your own consultant you have the freedom to work your own hours. This means if you can get tasks done quickly then you can move on to other work. By having fixed pricing it allows you to even hire other designers to help you out with clients thus increasing the number of clients and projects you can work on at once

Website Clients – When you work for a company you are forced to work with other employees and perhaps even for a boss you don’t like. As a web consultant you choose your clients and if you don’t like working for them you simply move on to the next one.

Specialization – Do you have a particular specialization when it comes to your designing skills? Do you love to handle website creation, content or graphics for a website but don’t like to deal with all the meetings and politics that usually are associated with working full-time? If so a consulting job might be the perfect fit.

Location – Are you located in a city or state that has very few companies that need design work? This often happens and unless you are willing to move to another state you are forced to work for companies that are available to you. By being a freelance web designer or consultant you can even travel and offer your services for a short period of time. Because web design can be 100% done by remote work this gives you the freedom to live anywhere in the world and still conduct your work.