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Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology Administration

If obtaining your Bachelor's degree in information technology administration and management is at the top of your educational goals list, then continue reading to discover all of the information that you need to know so that you can achieve your goal. Of course, before you can be admitted into a degree geared towards information technology administration, you must first complete your high school education. Along with your high school diploma, you will also need to be able to demonstrate a proficiency in English and math. Be aware, some learning institutions require that their students have their own notebook or laptop computer before they can take any higher level technology courses.

information technology administration First and foremost, you should know that very few schools in the United States offer a Bachelor's degree program in Information Technology Administration. Instead, most four year colleges and universities in the United States typically offer students a Bachelor of Science degree in information technology that focuses on network administration. Regardless of which of these programs you choose to pursue, the end result will be similar. As a graduate you will have a solid foundational base of information technology concepts. In addition, most post-secondary learning institutions will allow you to select an area of concentration that will address how to properly implement computer networks and how to appropriately maintain computer networks.


Information Technology Schools


As you begin working towards your degree you will be required to complete core curriculum courses, such as history, physical sciences, social sciences, math, and English. After completing the core courses, you will be able to begin working on introductory courses related to your degree program. These introductory courses will include classes like general computer architecture, computer programming, computer networks, and computer databases. Furthermore, with a focus on network administration, you will then need to choose courses that emphasize problem solving skills, as well as teach you how to establish effective, secure networks. It is important to note that while you work on your degree you will need to successfully complete several certification exams. This will ensure that after graduation all of your certifications will be current and you will be ready to enter the work force!

Specific course work that is required for this Bachelor's degree program includes: information security fundamentals, the fundamentals of a network, operating systems, the basics of programming, computer architecture, network installation, data administration, network design and management, internetworking, and web development. Once you have completed your course work and obtained your diploma, you will be prepared to seek employment as a software developer, a network analyst, a computer network administrator, a network architect, a web engineer, or as a network engineer.

Of course, should you decide to further your level of educational degree, additional avenues of employment may become available to you. A graduate level degree will most likely have you completing extensive research and applying the research to projects. The goal of these projects is to prepare you for management level positions or a career teaching what you know about information technology administration.


Information Technology Administration Courses


- Introduction to business applications
- Management science
- Advanced Computer System Administration
- Communication principles
- Database management

- Telecommunications
- Information Technology
- System Analysis and Design
- Network security
- Data Communication in Workforce
- Computer operating systems


Duties as an Information Technology Administrator

Ensure the proper computer equipment and software is being used at the company you work for. This includes installing and supporting software and hardware.

Use best practices and testing inform company about what type of technology they should be using that fits their financial and managerial strategy.

Be able to interpret data and performance of a company to make proper recommendations regarding their technology needs.

Conduct training for both staff and management on proper use of software and hardware implemented.

Design policies and procedures regarding a corporation’s computer information strategy.


Certification Recommendations

CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+
Microsoft Certified IT professional including MSCA Windows


Job Outlook

The industry current has over 75,000 information technology administrators and each year more than 14,000 students will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in information technology administration. With the information technology sector expected to grow by 25% it is recommended you take your degree program froma school that offers the following:

- Hands-on Training
- Regionally or Nationally Accredited
- Low Tuition – Expect to spend between $15,000-30,000 to earn your Bachelor’s Degree.
- Highly Trained Faculty
- Proven Job Placement
- High Student Completion and Passing Rates