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Bachelor's Degree in Communications

If you have always thought that a bachelor's degree in communications would suit your intended career path, then continue reading to find out all you need to know about this degree program. Of course, prior to entering any post-secondary school you will need to obtain your high school diploma, or the equivalent. In addition to your diploma, you will likely need to submit a copy of your transcript and a copy of your ACT scores to gain admittance into a bachelor's degree program. Once you begin working towards your degree in communications, you will first need to complete your core curriculum courses.

communications degree This will probably take you about two years and will include courses such as mathematics, physical sciences, history, English and literature, psychology, and humanities. The latter portion of your four year degree program will require you to take courses more specific to your communication major. These concentration courses will include classes like: organizational communications, communicational studies in rhetoric, communication theory, relational communications, speech, and communication skills. It is important to understand that many colleges and universities only accept communication majors that have a satisfactory GPA, therefore while working to complete your core curriculum courses you will want to ensure that your grades are as good as possible.

Oce you have obtained your bachelor's degree in communication, you will be ready to enter the work force. Your degree in communication will make it possible for you to pursue a career in public relations, advertising, marketing, or journalism. Of course, these fields are quite diverse, so the career you ultimately choose will depend upon what type of work you enjoy most and what career goals you have. Should you choose to pursue a career in public relations you will likely work for a company or for an individual client with a goal of enhancing their public image. You will spend much of your time using the media to communicate with audiences on behalf of the company of person you represent. This may include planning promotional events, addressing possible crises, distributing press releases, and taking care of press conferences.

If a career in advertising is more your speed, then your job responsibilities may vary greatly depending upon where you are employed. For instance, you could work within the advertising department of a large corporation and be responsible for creating advertising campaigns that promote a service or product. Or, you could be employed in advertising sales. This would require you to sell ad space to companies or brands; this work is likely to be commission based income.

If you land a job in marketing you will spend your time promoting particular products or services. In this capacity, it is important that you help create a positive image in relation to the item. Lastly, if you enter the field of journalism you will possibly be working in the capacity of a reporter, a copy editor, or a news correspondent. Regardless of which of these positions you have, you will probably be responsible for conducting research, editing, and fact checking reports.