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Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Communications

Bachelors Degree in Corporate Communications

The Bachelor of Science in Communication with a Concentration in Communication and Technology is the next step after completing the Associate of Art in Communications. This is one of three BAS programs available in the area of Communications. The program can be started in the third year as an Advance start program, meaning the first two years were completed and an Associate degree of some kind was earned, or an enrollee can start fresh and finish with the degree in four years. Either way, the result is the same. The student completes the course and earns the BAS/COM degree.

corporate communications schools This Bachelor's degree program starts with courses focused on the fundamental basic skills that are needed in the private and public work environment and is dedicated to building the communication skills necessary to achieve this goal. The values instilled in the student with the completion of the course consist of critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration and information utilization, among others.

Now because this course has a concentration in Communications its focus is naturally going ot be in that particular area. The course is designed with teachings in areas such as Business communication, intercultural communication, conflict resolution, legal and ethical issues, culture, media, and upcoming future trends in communication technology areas. These courses are designed to bring out the specialized skills needed for communication technology so the student may focus on enhancing those skills as well.

The technology portion of the courses also focus on specific areas including opportunities to try their hand at learning the creative solution skills of communication through websites, multimedia development, image editing and publishing electronically, among other technologically related areas of the communications world. The future of a student who earns a Bachelor Degree in Communication with their emphasis area in Communication and Technology will be a prosperous one. The careers are endless, as technology controls almost all we do. These courses will prepare the student with all the necessary basic and specialized skills needed to advance in this specific area.


The Importance of Corporate of Communication

Some of the top companies in the world spend a lot of their time building and maintaining internal communications between departments. Proper communications help productivity and avoid issues that can sideline projects. The courses you’ll take during your Bachelor’s degree in corporate communications will cover areas on how you can properly mold a company’s culture in order for communications to grow.

Increase Performance – When you work for a company, odds are you’ll be interacting with other members of your department but also dealing with other departments on projects. The need for good internal communications between departments is essential to help improve timelines, performance, training, moral and avoid delays.

Internal Communications –Corporations set up internal websites or even blogs in order to inform their staff of updates, policies and news. The only negative thing about internal corporate communications if using blogs are that someone has to keep them updated. Often the lack of updates can have a negative impact on employees as it can lead to miss-information.

Information – Proper corporation by the HR department or communications department at the company is a must. A streamlined communication channel between employees and management allows employees to share any concerns they have as an employee as well as provide constructed criticism regarding the company. The goal of all of it is to improve all aspects of the company and its culture by receiving feedback from the employees.

External Communication – Some companies have marketing departments that handle all external communications for the company. Corporate communications is vital for a company to give the outside world a chance to understand what the company is about and provide them with accurate information. Many public companies promote using a 3rd party public relations agency to control the amount of information they want the public to know about. This allows and promotes transparency for large companies to their shareholders.


Functions of a Corporate Communications Team

You often find employees with marketing and communications that make up a corporate communications division or team. These individuals are in charge with all communications and branding for the company.

Employee Transparency – One of the functions of a corporate communication team is to work directly with human resources in order to provide employees the ability to give constructive feedback. This feedback can be related to their boss, feedback regarding issues that face them as well as feedback to help grow and improve the company.

External PR – Corporate communication teams work as a form of PR for the company and can help avert negative press. Public relations departments are in charge with the control of all that is said and released by the company.