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A Bachelor's degree in marketing will make it possible for you to pursue many different avenues of employment. This is largely due to the fact that in today's society practically all businesses market their products or services in order to be successful. Individuals who possess a degree in marketing are taught how to effectively market products or services to consumers and to also use marketing tools to create a loyal clientele base. Find top marketing degree schools below.

Before you will be granted admittance into a bachelor degree program for marketing you should have your high school diploma (or the equivalent), an ACT score of at least 19, and a GPA that is minimally a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Generally speaking, the course work for this degree program will provide students with the chance to learn marketing through internship opportunities. This makes it possible for students to learn how to create, execute, and maintain control of marketing strategies within a real world business setting.

online marketing schools Earning your degree from a good marketing school is the first start. Marketing focused course work is designed to help you develop decision making skills and to use the results from research to guide a specific marketing plan. Furthermore, the skills and knowledge that students will learn in this degree program will serve them beneficially in almost any avenue of business. Students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in marketing can choose from areas of concentration such as: retail, marketing, e-commerce, or sales. Some learning institutions will allow students to choose a marketing degree program that concentrates on more than one focus area. Ideally, this helps students to better market their abilities to potential employers.

Upon completion of your marketing degree there are several feasible employment options for you. For instance, you could choose to become a direct marketer. In this capacity, you will likely spend your days selling products to consumers using tools like catalogs, flyers, or coupons that are mailed out to the target group of consumers. A direct marketer generally works to use marketing tools to elicit a response from consumers regarding a specific campaign. Finishing a program like this will make it possible for you to become a marketing copywriter. In this position you will use your writing skills to create the messages that are found in the advertisements and newsletters that are distributed for a specific product.

If you can multi-task and think on your feet to represent a particular brand, then this job may particularly fit your abilities. Another possible position is to work in digital marketing. If you pursue this type of employment you will probably work within a team to develop marketing campaigns. You will probably find that in this capacity your work will focus on digitally delivered campaigns, such as text messages, emails, and website material. If you are particularly interested in current social media trends and digital technology, then this marketing job may fit you perfectly! In your position as a digital marketing specialist you will likely be utilizing online videos and blogs in order to increase the traffic a website receives. Start your education today by earning your Bachelors degree in marketing from an accredited college.


10 Traits to Become a Good Marketer

1. Revenue Focused – Every marketer should be revenue focused. Employers hire individuals that are focused in on giving their employer the best return on investment possible from their marketing spend.

2. Customer Focused – Good marketers spend their time figuring out how to better understand and treat their customers.

3. Marketing Team Builder – Building a team isn’t easy and a good trait to have as a marketer is the ability to build a team from scratch to handle the operations of a company.

4. Time Management – The old saying time is money true when dealing with marketing projects. Every second that is wasted with spend that doesn’t convert to sales is wasted revenue for the company you work for. Learn how to have great time management skills to properly manage your team Many have earned thier Bachelor's degree in project management.

5. Entrepreneurial - Having an entrepreneurial mindset is a key trait to possess as a marketer.

6. 24/7 Mentality – A good marketing doesn’t have a 9 to 5 role. Marketers are always thinking of what needs to be done next in order to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

7. Experienced – Learn to full understand the lifecycle of your customer. Marketers need to be technically advanced that understand all aspects of running a marketing department. Regardless of your years of experience as a marketer you’ll need to be able to roll up your sleeves and help out at any level.

8. Data Driven – Marketers these days are all data driven. The ability to control your marketing spend based on conversion rates takes the risks out of marketing.

9. Visionary – Marketers today are visionaries. They have the ability to see what the future holds for their industry and properly plan a marketing strategy to keep their company at the forefront.

10. Risk Taker – Not everyone will agree with this trait but being a risk taker is what makes today’s marketers’ great marketers. If you want to start your career training find marketing schools online.


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