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Bachelor's Degree in International Finance

Earn your international finance degree. If you have a desire to work globally in the financial world, then a bachelor's degree in international finance may be just the answer you are looking for. Let's face it, practically all major economic decisions are made from one side of our nation to the other. If you want to be in the thick of this financial career, then begin by determining what you need to obtain your degree in international finance. You will want to determine just exactly what this degree program will open up for you in the real world and what your day to day responsibilities may involve. Doing your homework now in relation to your future career will help to ensure that you will be happy and fulfilled in your chosen occupation.

international finance degree When you begin looking into your desired educational path, you may find that a Bachelor's degree in international finance looks very similar to a few other business or finance related degrees. However, the difference lies in the fact that a degree in international business contains course work that specifically prepares students to conduct financial matters in a global marketplace. Furthermore, each of the business and finance courses contained within this degree program are designed with regard to the markets that exist overseas and students learn about how the United States makes trades among other countries.

The foreign policy that the United States follows in regards to other countries is also a major focus of students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in this field of study. It is important that students intending to pursue a career in international finance make their post-secondary education a priority from the beginning of their college career. Undergraduate students will be required to apply before they are allowed to enter their major course of study. Generally speaking, most four year colleges or universities will require that prospective students have a high school diploma or the equivalent, be in good academic standing with regards to their GPA, and have a notable score on the SAT or ACT. Letters of recommendation may also help a prospective student gain entry into this degree program. Find schools that offer Bachelor of International Finance programs.

Within a international finance degree students will be required to complete courses such as comparative politics, international business, international management, international relations, and systems of international trade. Each of these courses will be designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform financial matters on an international basis. Once you have obtained your finance degree you will be ready to seek employment. For example, you will be eligible to become an investment banker for international markets and trades. Your bachelor's degree will make it possible for you to enter many financial related positions at an entry level. Keep in mind, should you decide to further your education by obtaining a subsequent degree your job opportunities will be in greater abundance. Of course, your bachelor's degree course work will likely allow you to enter a graduate degree program without any trouble.

Recommended Courses for Bachelor’s in International Finance

Start your degree training out right by researching any of the schools we have listed. Here are just a few of the more common courses you’ll take for your BA degree.

- International Finance
- Risk Management
- International Politics
- Legal Studies
- Financial Analysis
- World Banking
- Business Mergers
- Portfolio Strategies


International Finance Career Training Program

When research jobs after you graduate be sure to look into the below job titles and industries that often are a great way to find employment. Most of the jobs you’ll find will be mid-level positions.

- Financial and Mutual Fund Planners
- Risk Fund Managers
- International Tax Accountant
- Accountants
- Corporate Financial Manager
- International Mergers and Acquisitions


Salary and Job Outlook
The median salary for international finance positions is $115,320 per year. The highest salary range is approx. $187,200. The market is expected a growth rate of 7%. Find top international finance undergraduate programs.


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