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Bachelor Degrees in International Business

Bachelor's Degree in International Business

Earn your international business degree. If you are an individual who has a knack for business and you yearn for the hustle and bustle of an internationally centered work place, then a Bachelor's degree in international business may be just what you are looking for! Today, many companies, conducting business strictly on U.S. soil is no longer sufficient to sustain their business ventures. In our current economy, corporations have had to extend their operations globally as a means of keeping up with their competition. In addition to the increased marketing area, companies are looking for individuals who have a degree and the knowledge and skills set necessary to conduct business on this level. Obtaining your bachelor's degree in international business will help you to become that competent, skilled individual that businesses are seeking. If this sounds like a career path that just may fit your educational plans, then keep reading to find out all you can about this career choice. Find the best international business programs from accredited colleges.

Students who are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in international business will likely want to be extremely choosy with the post-secondary institution they choose to attend. Many four year colleges or universities allow an option for their students pursuing a degree in international business to transfer to any campus worldwide without losing the semester hours they have completed. This allows students the opportunity to learn the world of international business on an international level.

The fact that students have had the opportunity to learn on a diverse level will surely look appealing to potential employers. For instance, this will show that students have been exposed to a variety of business cultures and practices, economic and political conditions across the nation, basic business principles and how they change depending upon location, and language and social factors and how they relate to international business. While completing your program in international business, it will also be important that you learn how the psychology of marketing influences business, how economics principles apply to business, and about business administration principles. Regardless of which learning institution you decide to attend, you will likely be required to complete projects with fellow classmates and to use technology to complete complex business assignments. Find top Bachelor's in international business degree programs.

To prepare yourself for this career, you will want to seek your degree in either a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a Bachelor of Business Administration. Of course, you can choose to pursue your degree through an online institution or a traditional four year college or university. Some brick and mortar colleges may have the option for you to complete some course work on campus and some course work through an online learning format. Once you have obtained your degree you will able to seek employment as a global manager or marketing coordinator, a business consultant for a company, a human resources manager, or a financial analyst. Of course, should you decide to continue your educational level, more specialized areas of employment will be available. For example, you could focus your studies on organizational leadership, entrepreneurship, or marketing.


Finding the Best International Business Schools

Courses Offered – One of the first things you’ll need to look at before you enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business is what courses they offer. Look at schools that offer classes in: emerging markets, international finance, strategic management, international banking and supply chain management and global forecasting.

Online Learning Option – Many schools these days are moving over to online platforms. By doing so it allows the student to take their degree 100% online. The great thing about international business is that none of the courses you’ll take require any hands-on work so you could take it completely online. Make sure to look for this if you live in an area that doesn’t have a college that offers this degree.

Tuition Cost – When evaluating international business degrees make sure to really research the tuition charged by the school. Most Bachelor’s degree programs are 120 credit hours. Some schools we have seen charge $150-$250 per credit hour but we have seen prices as high at $550 per credit. A higher tuition cost doesn’t mean the school is better as other factors need to be researched.

Placement Rates – One of the best ways to evaluate a school or college is to have them show you their placement rates on the program you are enrolling in from the last year. Schools that offer Financial Aid are required to disclose their placement percentages which will give you an indication of how many people that graduated were employed in their field of study. Don’t overlook this stat when researching schools.

Successful Alumni – Can the school show you some of their most successful alumni? Have they publically promoted some of their alumni and shown you what jobs they currently have? Although this isn’t as important as the schools completion and placement rates, it still will give you a good idea of what kinds of graduates the school has.


What it Takes to Find a Top International Business School

Since this is a field of study you are interested in pursuing it is important that you have the proper skills needed to be a good leader. Earn your degree in international business.

Overseas Experience – Get as much experience as you can overseas. Even when you first start we have heard of people taking internships just to get some international experience.

Foreign Language – If you know a foreign language you’ll have a big advantage over other candidates. When dealing internationally it really helps if you know the language of the country you are dealing with. Most will speak English but knowing another language can’t hurt your chances in landing a job.

Negotiator – Becoming a great negotiator is key to dealing oversees. International markets have big competition so your ability to negotiate deals will play a big factor in the success of the company you work for.

Profit Driven – International business owners or managers all need to be profit driven. Companies hire individuals who make a difference financially for the company.

Communications – Great leaders are all great communicators. This is especially true when dealing internationally as communications can sometimes be the hardest thing to deal with when dealing with other companies. Earn your online degree in international business.


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