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Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management

Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management

If you are interested in obtaining your Bachelor's degree in hotel and motel management, then prepare yourself to learn the skills necessary for this undertaking. For large establishments, there are many small departments that must be managed and maintained. If you are serving as the manager of the establishment then it will be your job to handle each of the aspects of each department. Keep in mind, as the manager you will need to thoroughly understand how each different department operates. For example, you will likely be responsible for managing the budget, overseeing the planning for special events or projects, guest relations, supervising employees, public relations, and ensuring that the establishment is following necessary laws. Find your bachelor degree in hospitality from any of the below online schools.

hospitality management school While many of the skills necessary for a management position can be learned on the job, a degree in this field of study will definitely give you an edge over fellow job seekers. It is also important for a hotel or motel manager to take care of the overall performance of the property, as well as ensuring that necessary improvements take place. Earning your hotel management degree has never been easier.

To pursue your Bachelor's degree in hotel and motel management, you can choose to attend a traditional four year college or university, or you can obtain your degree through an online learning institution. In some states, there are hotel management schools that teach the specific skills needed to properly manage a hotel or motel establishment. Be sure to check into the course work and type of degree that would be earned through a program like this. It would also be a good idea to ensure that the learning institution you choose to attend is an accredited one. This will help you verify that the diploma you receive will be valid as you get ready to enter the career world. It is likely that no matter which type of higher learning institution you choose to attend, you will be required to complete an internship or training program designed specifically for managers. This will allow you to learn real world skills and to apply the knowledge and skills you have already learned.

Your hospitality degree program will train you to learn how to effectively manage the team of employees that work within a hotel or motel. For instance, it will be important that you can communicate clearly with your employees, hire employees that have adequate qualifications, and carry on management related business in a way that helps to retain employees. It is also crucial for hotel or motel management to possess leadership skills as well as have a background in human resources. While a manager for a hotel or motel is not required to know every detail related to every aspect of the establishment he or she is operating, it is important that the manager have a general knowledge of all aspects. For instance, a manager should have a working knowledge of guest relations, housekeeping, engineering, the front desk, and conventions. Of course, the better a manager knows the inner workings of the hotel or motel, the more efficiently he or she can run the establishment.

How to Run a Successful Hotel and Resort

The hospitality industry is full of challenges. Your Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality will cover courses ranging from management, CRM’s, customer service and even marketing. To run a successful hotel or resort will require you to master the below areas. Find schools with hospitality management and get started today.

Hospitality Management – No hotel can be successful without the proper management. As a manager you’ll need to not only hire the right people but understand your property and what needs to be done financially to make money each day. Being a manager is hard work and you’ll be tested in hospitality if this is the management career path you choose.

Entertainment – People choose resorts because of the entertainment you can offer them. Successful resorts will have a wide variety of entertainment for their guests including: bands, happy hours, restaurants, shops, pool and spa area and more.

Proper Promotion – No resort can survive without the proper promotion of your property. Are you using online advertising to drive people to your hotel? Do you work with agencies that book vacations? Having the right marketing department can be the difference in your having a profitable hotel vs. going out of business.

Be Unique – Why do you think Las Vegas has fountains, celebrity meetings, pop stars and shows. The resort itself might not be the best but they do it to be unique and memorable.


Hospitality Schools & Trends

As the hospitality grows from being just a place to stay to a place to entertain so do the trends. Hospitality companies are looking into new ways to attract customers including:

Adventure: Resorts are working with local adventure companies to offer their guest once in a lifetime adventures including jeep rides, skydiving, bungee jumping and more. This appeals to the younger stayers who often are the ones helping their parents find vacations destinations.

Seclusion: One area that never seems to change is a property that can offer total seclusion for their guests. These are individuals that don’t want to be bothered with life as they know it and want to be with one in nature and as far away from others as possible.

Education: Resorts now are carrying classes so you can learn something while on vacation. Ever wanted to learn how to ski or mountain bike? Resorts are partnering with other vendors to keep the client entertained and at the property for as long as possible. Find the top online hospitality management schools above to get started with your education.



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