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Start your ecommerce degree from a top school. The requirements for the job of "E-Business Manager" is listed as" a four year degree in E-Business, and at least 7 years experience. In many ways, e-business and its related activities are the future of business. There are many different and new industries that are being spawned such as B2B (business to business), M2M (Mobile to Mobile) and the more esoteric Geolocation marketing. This Geolocation is marketing products to potential customers based on their actual, physical location in real-time. Start your career training today toward a bachelor's degree.

ecommerce schools If you really think about it there is only ecommerce as all business transacted in the 21st century will ultimately go over the internet. No matter where you go becoming an E-business manager will require a bachelor's degree in something. But that's where you need to really do some planning. Your education should be focused on technology, the internet and business. In fact, perhaps you should consider pursuing a degree IN e-business. In a recent CNN article on the web, it stated the demand for graduates with degrees in e-commerce, or anyone with provable skills, in the field of ecommerce is growing and will continue to grow for the next decade. Search above for your ebusiness degree.


Increasingly, mainstream universities, prestigious ones at that, are scrambling to offer degrees in this very hot field. This industry is so new that they are still arguing over how to track employment numbers but the best estimates for the near future are that employment demand will run up at 40% or higher! High pay, intense demand and, if that was not enough, the prospect of earning that kind of money from the comfort of your home, too! You see, the most likely shape of the future of many occupations is the virtual model.


Undergraduate Courses for Ecommerce

During your Bachelor’s training in ecommerce you take courses typically in business, statistics and programming. The goal for any school is to get you familiar with ecommerce and employable after graduation so you have the tools to succeed.

Ecommerce Systems – Learn about online shopping and electronic data processing.

Computer Science – Study algorithms including logic programming, theory and the different data structures.

Statistical Analysis – You’ll study data samples and learn how that data allows you to come to informed conclusions.

Shopping Carts – Learn how shopping carts work including understanding exit points and ways carts can enhance and increase revenue of a site.

Business Ethics – Learn about the legal and ethical issues regarding business and ecommerce.

Business Analytics – Be able to gauge business problems using statistics and analytics.

Marketing – Take courses in marketing that will teach you about ecommerce, sales funneling, online orders, software and more.

Business Law – Study laws and regulations.

Micro and Macro Economics – Learn about the concepts regarding economics in business.


Ecommerce Degree Programs

Find a degree in ecommerce. One of the hottest careers is those individual talented enough to land a job in ecommerce. Over 60% of all US businesses have a website now and brick and mortar companies are turning to ecommerce to grab bigger market share. Larger corporations such as retail chains have shut some of the locations as they can yield a better ROI online. With your Bachelor’s Degree in Ecommerce you’ll be able to apply for both entry and even mid-level ecommerce positions after you graduate.

- Marketing Analytics
- Ecommerce Consultant
- Business Administration
- Web Administrator
- Website Development


Why Choose Ecommerce as a Career

- Job outlook is high as more and more companies are moving operations online.

- Analytical individuals are increasing revenue for businesses that would have failed if they didn’t go online with some if not all of their operations.

- Ecommerce individual are wanted by companies who were traditional brick and mortar. These companies don’t have the knowledge or experience to take a company online and are looking for help.

- Perfect for fast thinkers – The advertising professional that are helping these companies are also in big demand. Online advertising is typically done by individuals who understand ecommerce.

- The average of an individual in ecommerce is under the age of 35. Companies are looking everywhere for individuals who have the proper training.


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