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Start your advertising degree online today from a top 10 advertising school. If promoting and selling products to make them as successful as possible sounds appealing to you, then a bachelor's degree in advertising may be the perfect educational choice for you. Students who are pursuing a bachelor's degree in advertising will learn how to identify what consumers want and develop advertising campaigns that are specifically directed to these consumers. Prospective advertising graduates will also learn how to work individually and within teams to create copy and advertising promotions. Depending upon the post-secondary learning institution you choose to attend, it may be recommended for you to obtain your minor in another business related area. In addition, some post-secondary schools require students to complete an internship before graduating with a bachelor's degree in advertising.

advertising degree The four year online advertising bachelors degree program is designed to teach students how to effectively communicate, how to visualize ideas and then edit them accordingly, how to write and think critically, how to include multicultural elements, and how to incorporate statistical information and research to deliver a desirable end product. Some of the courses that will be required are media planning, technical and equipment skills, strategies for effective advertising, advertising law and ethics, copywriting for ads, retail advertising, visual design of advertising and effective advertising sales. Of course, if you take more than the average 12 hour course load for a semester, you will likely be able to complete your degree sooner than four years. Similar to other bachelor's degree programs, you can pursue a degree in advertising through a traditional brick and mortar college or university or through an online learning institution. As long as your school of choice is an accredited institution, then your diploma will be valid and will serve you well as you begin your job search. Search above for schools that offer online degrees in advertising.

If you have a flair for artistic designs, you can also use that talent to direct your educational degree program. For instance, if you pursue a degree in advertising with a focus on graphic design, then you will receive training in the arts, coupled with advertising knowledge that is geared towards mass communication and journalism. This degree program is ideal for anyone who wishes to work for an advertising firm, a magazine, or a newspaper. Be forewarned, this is not an appropriate degree program for individuals who wish to focus on graphic design inn their occupation.

Should you choose to pursue the field of advertising by obtaining your Bachelor of Arts degree, then you likely have to complete courses such as two dimensional design, three dimensional design, graphic communications, drawing, and graphic design. At the completion of this 120 semester hour, bachelor's degree program, students will have a portfolio that demonstrates their abilities and knowledge to potential employers. Regardless of which educational path you wish to pursue, to be successful in this highly competitive field you must be acutely aware of their surroundings, cultural aspects that they come in contact with, and natural factors that can be used in some capacity in advertising campaigns.


Advertising Culture


The advertising industry is an exciting industry that has been featured in shows like Mad Men. It depicts what life is like in the 1960’s and 1970’s in the ad world. Times have changed but some aspects of the advertising culture are still around. Earn your advertising online degree from an accredited college first.

Hours – One area that never seems to change is that advertising executives work long hard hours. Client demands are high as competition is greater. The need to work long hours to satisfy the client only seems to get greater and greater each year.

Celebrating – Work hard play hard is the motto of many agencies. Since the average age of an advertising rep is in their 30’s they often are still single and even younger if they deal with digital advertising clients.


Researching Advertising Schools

Choosing the right advertising school is important to the success of your career and it all starts with a Bachelor’s degree in advertising.

Convenience – One of the first things you’ll need to do when researching schools is determine if you want to earn your bachelor’s degree online if you would rather learn at a campus setting. The advantages of an online degree is you’ll be able to take courses at your own pace.

Careers – Before you start your training do you know what career you want in advertising? Some schools focus their programs in international marketing, public relations, promotions or digital advertising.


Advertising Career Myths

We want to go over some of truths and myths regarding the advertising industry. After interviewing several Director of Marketers they helped us understand what having an advertising career is really like.

Marketing is Easy – One of the biggest myths is that advertising is an easy career. The truth is adverting is not your typical 9 to 5 job. It involves long hours and dealing with clients can be difficult.

All Ideas are Great – No. The truth is most of the time the clients that you’ll work with won’t like your ideas. The reason why your client came to you is that they don’t have an idea how to affectively market their own company.

Communication – The myth is that advertising communication between the client and agency is easy to understand. The truth is advertising clients usually don’t understand advertising when it comes to tracking, especially with digital advertising. It is up to you to make the communication and understanding of tracking as easy as possible for your client to follow.


Salary and Overview
Advertising executives make on average $123,450 per year where marketing managers make $127,130. The top 10% make $187,200 and some even higher depending on what clients you have.



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