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Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Design

If you dream about different designs and shapes and that's all you end up doodling during the day, then a great career in computer graphics and design may be your ticket out of our weak economy. You can be formally trained in this lucrative field in a short time, by checking out a few good multimedia and design schools and making note of what they have to offer Research schools below that offer bachelor of multimedia design degrees.

multimedia design school Millions of website owners, mobile device companies, film production companies, advertising firms, game designers and lots and lots of other groups, are crying out for fresh new material to use for their products. Humans are visual beings and if we see a catchy design, we will look at it and if the design holds our attention, there's more of a chance that we will take a closer look and buy that product if that's the design's purpose! There are many design branches - such as industrial and interior design, graphic and fashion design, advertising, game design and photography, and effects and illustrations for the film & video industry as well as in all areas of the culinary arts. If you can't have customers smell and see your food in person, you have to illustrate it well!

Unlimited chances for success can be learned by looking at some computer graphic and design schools. Fashion is big and just think of the opportunities you can have in this field, for overseas travel and employment. What about Paris or London or Milan? Would living there be to your liking? Does film production interest you? Do you like playing video games with great SFX? They have to be designed by someone. In fashion, there is clothing for babies, kids, men and women, and teenagers! They are a separate category by themselves, and everyone needs targeted advertising so they will find the items of interest. If you love animals then there are even fashions and products in the industry created just for them, and you could be the ad designer!

Are you stuck in a part-time job and want to do more, so that your cash flow improves? Perhaps you've been working in a boring field and think it's time for a change. The world of graphic design and computer graphics is absolutely huge. There are tons of opportunities for anyone who wants to test the waters. Your career growth could be unlimited. Check out a few good multimedia and design schools and line yourself up a new life and career.

Multi-media artists shine because they can take an idea, a mere thought, and make it into something quite special. They transmit the concept to the public and create interest. You'd never be bored, that's for sure. Designing on the computer is much more ecologically sound, as well. It's easy to change or "throw out" your design if you are unhappy with it, and there's no loss to our earth of even a tiny bit of a living tree. You can be green, very creative, excited, and have a great income, if you learn all about multimedia and design.

Becoming a Multimedia Contractor

The multimedia industry is exciting and full of great career opportunities. Often we hear of graduates who take their Bachelor’s degree and start a contracting business. By being a contractor you’ll be able to take on several multimedia clients at once and many work out of their homes. The digital age is allowing employees the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time.

Be Active Online – One of the easiest ways to find employment after you graduate is to constantly be active online. By connecting with companies socially as well as participating in forums you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to be found by other multimedia artists that could have a position or job available to you.

Referrals – Start out with asking anyone you know if they have any multimedia projects you can help them with. Sometimes the best career is right in front of you and you’ll never get it unless you ask.

Niche - Have a niche with your talents. Find an industry and do as many searches on that industry until you have exhausted everything in your area.

Networking – The only way to keep well connected in an industry Is to network. One way graduates are finding employment is they are offering their services free of charge for 30 days. This not only gives you an opportunity to work for a company and learn more but gives an employer time to see if they really would like to hire you. Think of the time you spend with them as an internship that could potentially turn into full-time work.


Top Industries for Multi-Media Degree Graduates

Corporate – Corporations are by far the #1 place for graduates to work in. They often need multi-media artists for website but also need someone talented enough so that they train them in the way they need things done.

Hollywood – Nothing screams multimedia more than in the movies. Movie production companies are always hiring multimedia designers for help on movies, tv shows or commercials.

Salary and Outlook
The average median salary for multimedia designers is $69,410 per year. The industry as a whole according to the BLS is expected to grow by 10%. Top designers with years of experience are making $112,030.


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