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Game design is the section of game development that deals with designing the rules and the content of a game. This is done before production of the game. The designing encompasses everything about the story line, characters and the design of the game, The term "game design" can be used to refer to the idea that gives birth to the game, or also, it can refer to the central theme. Find game art colleges that fit your career goals and even choose an online college path for those who don't have a college near them.

Functions of Game Designers

Game designers are the creative decision makers who come up with the general concept of the game. Some of the designers are involved in creating a script or dialogue for the characters. Some designers specialize in different stages of the design such as the level-design. In most cases, designing a game is a collaborative effort that requires many ideas coming together. While the idea might originate from one person, there is often input from others for the actual design, features and characters. There are a few game designers who are renowned in the industry, and their services are highly sought after.

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Game designers need to know more than just how to play video games. Knowledge of other events and subjects is necessary, as it helps in the creation of new ideas. They have to constantly come up with creative and original concepts. This is only possible if they have an interest in what goes on in the world. It also helps if the game designer has knowledge of technology, and is able to come up with new and inventive rules and concepts.

A game designer should be knowledgeable about the general concept of designs, and be able to figure out why and how things function the way they do. They should be technically competent in order to determine where improvements can be made, in order to enhance existing designs. The designer is, in essence, required to figure out what the consumers want, and the best way to meet these demands. The more game designers know about design, they better they will be at their jobs. While creativity is an important quality in a game designer, it is also important to be analytical. The designer needs to be skilled in logic and math, to be able to understand out how the game will operate. The best designers are also highly skilled and specialized in certain areas.

To be successful in the field, a game designer should be creative and have enthusiasm for new ideas. Having self-confidence, tenacity and the drive to keep working on ideas until they bear fruit, is an asset in this industry. It may require staying with an idea, even when everyone else cannot see any merit in it. Designing games is not for those who are easily swayed, or give in to pressure. Many games that have turned out to be very popular, started out as an idea that many people did not like or understand.

Game Design begins with an idea, which can be original, or the modification of a concept already in existence. The idea can be general or specific, and it can span a number of genres. The designer develops a proposal which highlights the concept, target audience, story line, setting, features and the game play. The designer will also give the schedule, requirements and budget estimates. They also make the decisions regarding what needs to be implemented during the development stage. Any changes in design have to be approved by the designer.

The design process will vary from one designer to another. Different companies also have their own procedures and processes. In general, however, the idea is used to create a design document which acts as a plan or a map for the game design. The document is adjusted and updated as the designing process continues through production. Find your online gameart degree training today.


Game Art and Design Degree

When you start your Bachelor’s Degree in game design be prepared to take courses that cover the following topics:

- Java and C++
- 3D Animation Software
- Level Design
- Data Modeling
- Character Development
- Game Design and Development
- Game Play Tester
- Communication and Writing Courses


Careers in Game Design or Game Programming

Often people think video game design is the same as a video game programmer. The main difference is the designer will actual develop the overall look, feel and even game play where the programmer is the one doing the actual coding. A video game programmer is higher skilled in programming and has a background and even degree in mathematics and computer science.

Script Writer – Be responsible for writing out the script for the game. This includes the characters, back story and even setting. It is similar to writing a book as someone needs to start out with a story and how the game will be played.

Artist – As a video game artist you can make the actual characters, weapons and scenery. Artists play an important role in video game design and come up with sketches and storyboards prior to any actual computer design work.

Programmer – As stated earlier a computer game programmer will have a higher degree typically in computer science or programming. If you do know some programming you could get hired on as an assistant learning the trade internally and assisting the others.

Level Designer – Map out an entire game level by level kind of like storyboarding. This individual goes into detail how each level will play out and what is shown and done in each level to complete it. The level designer follows the script writer’s initial plan.

Animator – A computer game animator could be responsible for creating characters, items or screen. Most of the focus is on the actual players that are in the game and their movements and abilities.

Web Programmer – Almost every game these days is promoted online. The need for website designers is high as you need the ability to properly promote the game on the company’s website. Also companies post up helpful areas for hard games and even forums so that everyone can interact online in a shared community.