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Find fashion merchandising Bachelor's degrees. If you have a flair and a passion for current fashion trends, then perhaps you should put that to good use and let that inspire your career path. A degree in fashion merchandising will allow you to be involved in the business aspect of the fashion world. A bachelor's degree program in fashion merchandising or a degree in fashion design will train you to use what you know in a creative approach to effectively market your company's clothing products. You will learn how to get your company's clothes in the right stores based on style, which will ensure that your products are reaching the right clientele. Your success in this business is dependent upon an adequate degree program that teaches you how to combine the marketing aspect of fashion, the retail portion of fashion, and the advertising aspect of fashion.

You can get your degree in fashion merchandising from many traditional four year colleges or universities, as well as several online learning institutions. Typically, a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising is offered online through private learning institutions. The requirements you will have to complete to obtain your degree will mostly depend on which school you decide to attend. However, no matter which school you choose, you will be best served by choosing one area of fashion merchandising to specialize in. For instance, if high-end retail is interesting to you, then you will want to focus your bachelor studies on courses that will prepare you to become a retail district manager, or other similar retail positions.

Another way to gain valuable experience is to land a job as an intern for a designer, or simply working in any capacity for a designer. While you perform your job responsibilities, you will want to absorb all the information you can about fabrics, wholesalers, importers, and fashion styles. This on-site training will be a huge asset in your future career. Similarly, while working on your bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising you could complete an apprenticeship with a major designer, retailer, or fashion house. By the time you finish your fashion merchandising degree program, you will be ready to make a smooth transition into the work world as an assistant merchandiser or assistant buyer.

As you work on obtaining your bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising you will likely complete coursework that teaches you about fashion industry history, fashion theories, specific designers, and past fashion trends. Additionally, your coursework will have you working on finance topics, effective management techniques, promotion topics, global issues and retail operations within the fashion world. In relation to specific products you will learn about selling methods, import and export, retail buying, effective advertising campaigns, and how to adequately develop a product. Once you have completed your bachelor degree program, there are many career opportunities available. For example, you could pursue a career as a design coordinator, a fashion store owner, a store manager, or a retail merchandiser. You would also be an eligible candidate to work within independent retail boutiques, marketing agencies, and fashion design houses.