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Fashion Design Bachelor's Degree Schools

A bachelor's degree in fashion design is a great way for you to get your foot in the door for a career in the fashion related world. However, your landing some of the job opportunities in this field will greatly depend on the course work you focused on while in school. Generally speaking, however, a bachelors' degree in fashion design can make it possible for you to begin a career in fashion merchandising, fashion buying, fashion merchandising, or fashion designing. Research the fashion design schools below to get started.

fashion design schools A career in fashion merchandising will have you spending the majority of your time designing and organizing the layout of a retail store or clothing boutique. This will include tasks such as identifying the products to be featured in the store window, which color combinations will be continued throughout the store, and which clothes and accessories will be displayed on mannequins. A fashion merchandiser is also responsible for helping to order an appropriate quantity of products, based on anticipated customer demand. If becoming a fashion buyer sounds exciting to you, be sure you first realize that it involves much more than just simply shopping. For instance, it will be important that you have adequate coursework training that will enable you to accurately purchase products for a clothing company. This will require you to accurately gauge the expected trend of the market and what the upcoming fashion year will bring to the market.

You can also use your bachelor's degree in fashion design to become a fashion marketer. Although you will likely be starting out at an entry level position, you will still be responsible for promoting a particular line of clothing or clothing company. In the beginning of your career, you will likely be working under a more established fashion marketer. Your dedication and consistent demonstration of work will make it possible for you to eventually take a more lead role in a company's clothing campaigns. If you have a yearning to become a fashion designer, it will be crucial that you work to create an impressive portfolio of your capabilities. While you will more than likely have to start your career working under a more well-known fashion designer, you will be continuing to grow into your role as a unique designer as you perform your responsibilities.

Regardless of what your intended career path is, there is still a base of the knowledge and skills you will be learning while working on your bachelor's degree. For instance, your coursework will help you develop theory and technical expertise related to the fashion and design industries. In order to stand out against the competition, it will be important that you gain adequate understanding of fashion illustration, research, patternmaking, concept development, garment construction, and materials knowledge. In today's technologically advanced world, it may even be possible for you to complete your bachelor's degree in fashion design through an online college or university. As with other Bachelor's degree programs, you will want to be sure that the learning institution you choose is an accredited institution that offers the program that best suits your intended career path.


Fashion Design Career Information

Have you always dreamed of being a fashion designer but needed the right school and time to start? Check out the accredited schools listed on this page and start your Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design today. Training can be taken at a campus location near you or 100% online. If you want to one day be in any of the below careers get stated today by requesting information and learning more from any of the fashion design schools listed.

Fashion Designer – In this career you’ll work with other designers, fashion consultants and manufacturers in order to produce and market your fashion line.

Buyer – As a fashion buyer you would be responsible with working with oversees manufacturers regarding textiles supplies, packaging, labeling and transportation.

Manufacture Assistant – Work in the actual manufacturing facilities taking care of quality control, hiring, purchasing and more.

Tailor – Some of your higher end designers all have in-house tailors that will custom fit garments to models as well as make the proper modifications based on the advice of the fashion designer. This skilled trade can take years to master.

Fashion Design Events – Be the person who coordinates and manages fashion design events including runway events and trade schools.

Store Merchandiser – As a merchandiser you can be responsible to stocking the store or group of stores with merchandise. Large clothing chains hire store fashion merchandisers to keep up with fashion trends to make sure their stores are properly stocking and carrying those items.


Duties of a Fashion Designer

Depending on your job title you’ll have a lot of different duties, some you might not even think is related to the fashion industry.

Fashion Trends – Learn how to find and spot trends within the industry. Being able to conduct the proper research is the key.

Develop Custom Lines – Study how to develop your own custom fashion lines. Learn what is needed in terms of ideas, materials, production and more.

Textile Buyer – As a textile buyer you’ll need to understand how the buying cycle works, just in time inventory control and manufacturing timeframes.

Designer Events – Want to be responsible for runway events and trade shows? Sometimes depending on your job description you could be the one in charge of coordinating and running a trade show.

Quality Control - Work with overseers manufacturers on quality control issues. Be responsible for working with buyers and suppliers in order to get a final product that is up to your standards.


How to Start your own Fashion Clothing Line

Have you ever wanted to have your own clothing line or develop a fashion that can be sold to the public or to a larger corporation to be included in with their own lines? Get a jump start and follow the below steps.

Get an Idea – The first step of starting your own fashion design line is to come up with an idea of what you would like to focus on. I’m not talking about what designs you would like to create but what is your focus or what will you specialize in (jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, etc.). Once you decide that then the creative part of the process can now start.

Prototyping – Once you have your designs created either by yourself or with the help of others you’ll need to find start prototyping the concepts. This includes fitting, tailoring and coming up with the overall look and feel for your pieces.

Finding Materials – One of the more challenging parts of the design process is finding the right materials at an affordable cost. Most will find out that outsourcing this to a 3rd party will save you tons of time and money, especially if you are going to purchase your materials oversees.

Manufacturing – Now it is time to start small manufacturing runs to actually create your garments. This can be done oversees typically for a cheaper cost but we recommend doing it locally in the US for the first run. This allows you to make changes easier even if the unit price of your item is higher

Marketing Line – Now it is time to get your fashion line to market. You can sell the items yourself or sell it at a wholesale cost to other stores. When you first start getting your line out to the public as fast as possible is key. Focus on smaller boutiques and clothing shops that are local so you can keep your inventory low and find out what is selling before you ramp up production.


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