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Start your research today and earn your Bachelor of Arts Degree from an accredited college below. If you are considering obtaining your bachelor of art degree, then you are well on your way to a career that can be filled with creativity and unique inventions. A bachelor of art degree can open up opportunities to become an entrepreneur, an art director, a specific type of designer, or even an art educator. No matter what type of career path you intend to travel, it will be extremely important that you can communicate with your peers, reflect on what you have created and the success or failure of it, reflect on factors that can be executed differently to yield a different artistic outcome, and to utilize the skills and knowledge you possess to make what starts out as a thought to actually become a reality.

art schools Most art colleges that offer an undergraduate degree in art will have you focusing your studies on creating new unique pieces of work and creating pieces that demonstrate an understanding of design and the culture of art. It will be important for you to be able to consistently show these artistic skills while maintaining a connection between community art, regional art, national and international arts. It is common for a four year college or university to offer bachelor's degrees in art, design and performance. Keep in mind, some of the degrees that these learning institutions offer are Bachelor of Arts degrees, while others are bachelor of fine arts degrees. Many schools that offer undergraduate art degree programs also have a gallery that allows their students to display their works of art. Occasionally, even faculty members exhibit their own artistic works.

Remember, a bachelor's degree in arts can refer to the performing arts (such as dance), as well as the visual arts. Overall, a Bachelor of Arts degree is different from a bachelor of fine arts only because the Bachelor of Arts degree program contains numerous practical studio hours that must be successfully completed. While this degree program is typically a four year degree program of study, the large amount of studio hours that must be completed may require a student to go beyond the four years in order to graduate. There is a wide variety of art related areas that you can choose to focus your studies on. For instance, you could decide to emphasize your course work on animation, painting, photography, sculpture, dramatic writing, graphic design, or even metalworking. Areas such as stage management, television production, film production, visual effects, musical theatre, and computer animation are even subject areas that you can choose to focus on.

Lastly, if you are musically inclined, a Bachelor of Arts degree also encompasses this area of study. This professional degree will have you studying applied music and theory, and may require that you are proficient in playing at least one instrument. Ideally, you should be able to complete this degree program in four years. Within a focus area of music, you can receive a degree related to music education, music theory, music therapy, music technology, music history, music performance, music business, or even music entertainment. Search below to find art and design schools in your area or select an online school.


Choosing Courses for your Bachelors of Arts Degree

When selecting what courses to take for your degree make sure they include courses in human culture, knowledge and theory. You’ll need good critical thinking skills and communication to be successful.

- Asian Studies
- French and German Studies
- History
- Italian Studies
- Communications
- Literature Language
- Music Studies
- Political Science
- Liberal Arts
- Psychology in Society


Careers as an Art Major

Your Bachelor’s degree in Art will qualify you for lots of different careers. Since your studies mainly focused on courses in writing, world studies and of course the arts we recommend looking into the below careers upon graduation.

Technical Writers – Let your writing skills help you in your career as a technical writer. Write about the products your company sells as well as technical manuals to consumers. You can also work in a marketing setting writing for the corporate blog.

Journalism – Even wanted to write for a newspaper or online websites? Conduct research on stories and make a name for yourself as a journalist.

Public Relations – Your knowledge of current events, world history and the arts will play a vital factor in the success you’ll have as a PR specialist. Work in a corporate setting properly promoting the vision and brand of the company you work for.

Research Assistant – Ever wanted to work as a research assistant for a library, museum or corporation?

Teaching and Research - Become a teacher and with the right license teach art, liberal arts courses and more at the high school or college level.