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Associates Degrees in Psychology

Associate's Degree in Psychology

Did you know that it takes a human brain nearly 20 years to develop to its full functioning potential? Did you know that there are conscience parts of our brain that we can control, but there is an immense magnitude of underlying "programming" that automatically functions? Do you know what it means to condition someone? What are dreams? Where do emotions come from? How fast does our brain work? What is the impact of chemicals on our minds? And perhaps most importantly how can we apply the self-understanding we obtain through psychology to improve ourselves and society? One of the most fascinating areas to explore is the one right in between our own ears.

psychology schools Since its conception in the late 1800's, psychology offers us the opportunity to stare straight into a mirror and finally discern, little by little, what we really are as biological human beings. With your Associate's Degree in psychology, you'll have a wide range of career opportunities suddenly become available, you'll discover some of the most amazing and essential aspects of what it means to be human.

Because our minds are so complex and diverse, those who have a degree in psychology have so many different opportunities to study and apply it. A psychologist's fundamental job description is to study the mental, emotional, rational, chemical, and behavioral functions of humanity and apply what they know to improve ourselves and our environment. They are responsible for observing, analyzing, and recording the way people and animals interact with their environment. Their specific tasks vary depending on the exact field they are employed in. Some psychologists strictly perform research and analysis, others develop theories that interpret the data, and others work toward applying that information in a practical medical setting.


Psychology Programs



Associate Degree in Child Development - Learn how children develop into adolescense.

Conflict Resolution Associates Degree - Study conflict resolution and negotiations.

Forensic Psychology Associates Degres - Study in the legal environment using scientifica analysis.


Associate Degree in Industrial Organization - Learn to apply the science of psychology to corporate environments.


Associate's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy - If you like to help others with their marriage issues then check out the schools that offer this AA degree.


Pastoral Counseling Degree - Study how to become a religious leader devoted to your faith.


Associates Degree in School Counselings - Earn your AA degree as a school counselor.


Sports Psychology Associates Degree - Use your spots knowledge in your new career.


Associates Degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling - Leran to help others that are struggling with addiction.


There are many, many different types of psychologists who have specialized areas of expertise. Psychologists can be clinical, developmental, forensic, counseling, industrial, school, and social. Each area is different; however, the general principles of applying what they understand about the human mind to improve individuals and the environment are critical. Psychologists often work in teams of other psychologists, researchers, and physicians to develop the best solutions. Also, depending on their specific type of psychological career, they will work with a variety of other team members and patients.

The majority of psychologists are self-employed, working with their own set of patients and providing the essential services for those who are recommended to see them. In these settings, a psychologist often communicates with and observes patients to properly diagnose them and suggest appropriate treatment. Other psychologists work in educational settings where they train others on the theories and methods they have mastered. And still others are employed in the healthcare industry.

Typically, the highest level careers in psychology are reserved for those who acquire extensive schooling and years of experience. For individuals who earn an Associate's Degree, there are many entry-level positions that are growing in importance and opportunity. Common positions in the psychological field for those with Associate's Degrees include psychiatric aide, mental health assistant, mental health advocate, and psychological nursing assistant. Like in many other health and counseling settings, you will work under the tutelage of a professional psychologist and be primarily responsible for helping them set and accomplish goals for patients.

So for as vast and complex as the mind is, the development of the psychological field has helped to breakdown the mind into simpler, more specialized terms. With your Associate's Degree in psychology, you will develop a broad, essential understanding of how our brain's work and how those functions ultimately affect our behavior and society. You'll very soon be prepared for the many opportunities in the research, analysis, and implementation of psychological principles. Enroll today, and start discovering for yourself what really is going on in that mind of yours.