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Psychiatry Technician Training Programs

The Associate of Science in Psychology is the second step on the road to the ultimate educational goal of job in the psychiatry industry. This degree program builds on the basic skills and knowledge taught within the general learning courses and the concentrations courses of the Associate of Art of Psychology degree program. The skills the student will learn in the AS of psychiatry training degree program will be a more targeted, focused approach to the specialized skills the student needs in order to succeed in his education and professional career in Psychology.

This degree program is based on the prerequisite knowledge and understanding of such basic skills as critical thinking, writing and information utilization. The areas of general studies that allowed the student to learn these skills include the communication arts, the humanities, life sciences, social sciences and mathematics. These skills set the foundation and the basis from which the student was able to advance to the concentrations courses, which focused on more targeted skills in the area of Psychology.

psychiatry technician school The specialized fundamental skills in psychology the student gained from the concentration courses of the Associate of Art in Psychology degree program include including positive psychology, theories of personality, human sexuality, the physiological and neurological basis of human behavior, psychological disorders and social interactions. These fundamental skills will be used as the foundation for the learning of a more targeted and specialized area of Psychology.

The Associate of Science in psychiatry training will prepare the student and allow him to gain new insight into the cognitive and effective processes underlying human growth and development as well as behavioral traits. The basic courses in the first part of the Associate of Science of Psychology degree program are designed to teach basic skills such as communication skills, critical thinking, collaboration and information utilization to professionals in any area of study. These skills will allow the psychology student to immerse themselves into the concentration courses knowing they have the tools and the skills they need to complete the classes successfully.

The core concentration courses include courses and skills that will prepare the student in many areas of Psychology. The biological Foundations of Psychology course will teach the student about physiological psychology and the relationship between our biological systems and behavior. The Cognitive Psychology course will show the student how humans learn to acquire and use knowledge. The Theories of Personalities course will introduce the student to the examination of the general approach and understanding of human personality.

In the course on Abnormal Psychology, the student will examine the incidence, or frequency of abnormal behaviors of various types. The student will also learn how that behavior is classified into different varying diagnostic categories. As this is not an all inclusive list of available courses, the student can be assured of learning even more specialized skills he will need to succeed in his educational career in Psychology.

These courses, among many others, which make up the psychiatry degree, will assure the student the necessary knowledge and understanding of Psychology. And as such, when he student completes this degree program and earns his Associate's degree of Science in Psychology, he should be able to demonstrate the ability to carry out the specialized skills he has learned within the program, as well as know he now has the tools and skills necessary to advance his educational goals and career.


Psychiatric Assistant Technician Courses

You’ll be prepared for entry level careers working with disabled clients in the healthcare industry. When you graduate with your Associate’s degree program in psychiatric assistant or technician your first career will be entry level.

- Introduction to Psychology
- Medical Records and Terminology
- Substance Abuse Counseling
- Pharmacology
- Child Psychology


Steps to Become a Psychiatric Technician

Earning your Associates degree is an easy process just follow the below 3 steps.
1. You’ll need to have your high school diploma or GED in order to enroll in any of the schools listed. Once you find a psychiatric program either close to you or online you can go ahead and request free information from that school.

2. You’ll then work with an Admissions Advisor at the school to go over your career goals to see if you’ll be a good fit for the school. During your last few months you’l l do an externship which will teach you hands-on in a real setting. Once you earn your Associates degree you can start applying for any of the jobs below.

3. It is recommended that you take additional certification from the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians.


Psychiatric Assistant Careers

Medical Assistant – Work in the support of nurses and other physicians. Keep track of patient’s history and schedule appointments. You’ll learn to take blood during your training as well as how to monitor vital signs.

Home Health Aide – Work with others at their home who have a difficulty taking care of themselves. You can work with the disabled, mentally ill or elderly.

Psychiatric Technician – Provide assistance to nurses and healthcare professionals. You will be on-call to take care of daily activities and grooming of patients and things that will improve their daily lives. Some activities include therapeutic and even basic nursing duties.


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