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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage" The popular children's song declares. It sounds so idealistic when we think about it the biggest feelings and experiences we have in life are summed up in one simple set of lyrics. But if there's one thing that's true, it's that idealistic things never quite work out as they're supposed to in reality. Having a successful marriage and family life don't just happen automatically: they take hard work. Those Hollywood movies that we watch always show the falling in love parts of the story, but rarely give us glimpses into those same couples seven, ten, or twenty years later when the quality of their relationship requires more work and maintenance.

marriage and family therapy schools Unfortunately, many families today are opting for hurt feelings, selfish pride, no communication, and even divorce. No one technically chooses these things, but they arise as the inevitable consequences of poor relational habits. In many cases, these families don't even know where they went wrong or what they could do to fix it. Thankfully, though, before completely giving up, there are many couples and families who opt for therapy. And when you earn your Associate's Degree in marriage and family therapy, you'll have the training that will give these relationships a chance at thriving once again.

Marriage and family therapy has a few unique responsibilities that require such a therapist to be well-versed in several different fields. In many cases, the marriage and family therapist works toward improving the relationships between individuals; however, emotional, psychological, and mental health issues also play an enormous factor in such relationships as well. When a therapist meets with individuals or families, often their first task is diagnosing and developing a treatment plan for the disorders they encounter within the context of marriage and family systems. They need to apply psychotherapeutic elements and techniques to the individuals, couples, and families that are depending on them for making progress, achieving healing, and finding peace in the family once again.

Individuals with marriage and family therapy Associate's Degrees often work at locations that provide other social and medical services. They commonly become family therapists or family counselors. These therapists and counselors can often work in the individual and family services industry, where they might serve as social workers, a social scientist, or a psychologist. If not employed by an organization, many individuals open their own practice, providing the counseling and mental health assistance to clients who voluntarily request it. Outpatient care centers are also common locations for those with an Associate's degree in marriage and family therapy. Hospitals and physicians' offices often host their own counselors, as do many state and local government health centers. Our society has a growing need for family and marriage therapists, as more and more marriages struggle and as more and more individuals are experiencing the mental and emotional disorders that impede the family system.

To prepare for this career, students often take a wide range of classes that help them understand the background, the theories, and the people they will encounter. Course programs often include human development, research methods, psychopathology, counseling, and plenty of clinical practice.

So although we are told from the time that we're young the order and idealism of life the love, the marriage, the children we find that because of certain habits and certain disorders the perfection we want isn't easily achieve. Thankfully, there are many who are becoming the marriage and family counselors to help diagnose our problems and rekindle those sparks of love that unite families. And thankfully, you too now will earn your Associate's Degree in marriage and family therapy and begin helping many families who will desperately rely on your expertise.