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Conflict Resolution Associate Degree

Associates Degree in Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are common in society, whether at the workplace or in our homes. Most of the existing conflicts are a result of the involved people having different goals and needs. If you are looking for conflict resolution training so you can obtain your associate's degree, then see the colleges listed below. Sometimes these conflicts can become intense, but this does not mean that conflicts are a bad thing. Actually, if conflicts are solved effectively, they can lead to both personal and professional growth. In most cases, it is effective conflict resolution that makes the difference between positive and negative results.

conflict resolution schools The good news is that by solving conflicts effectively you can increase understanding among the affected people and increase cohesion among team members since they are able to increase respect for each other more. Moreover, effective conflict resolution improves self-knowledge as it pushes individuals to examine their goals closely, leading to understand them-selves better. On the other hand, if conflict resolution is not effective, the outcome can be damaging. It could result in the breakdown of teamwork, personal dislikes, a waste of talents and negativity.

How do you become a Conflict Resolution Specialist?


You can learn conflict resolution and practice by yourself, or you can learn through various certificate programs and Law Degree Programs. Before deciding which training program you should take, you must first consider the level at which you want to practice conflict resolution. Most states do not have licensing requirements for Conflict Resolution Specialists. However, some states and organizations have set procedures and guidelines for selecting conflict resolution practitioners. For instance, those organizations employing a mediator could have requirements such as:

- Completion of a certificate program

- A given number of training hours

- Proven experience in the area

Once you have determined the place and level you want to practice as a conflict resolution practitioner, it is time for you to choose the appropriate program. There are a number of certificate programs offered in universities and colleges. Often lawyers, human resource managers, arbitrators and those with a Bachelor's degree in related fields are the ones who become Conflict Resolution Specialists after attaining a graduate certificate.

Conflict Resolution Degree Training


A graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution prepares you for a high-level position in mediation, labor relations, contract negotiation and arbitration. As a graduate certificate student you will be trained in mediation, violence intervention and conflict transformation.

The graduate certificate courses takes between 10 to 24 months depending on your schedule and current education level. Associate programs typically are 24 months. Students can attend full-time or part-time classes, depending on how busy they are, or how much time they have. In order to graduate with a degree certificate in conflict resolution, you must pass the required courses, which are designed to help the students to advance in the profession and deals with all the challenges thereof. Typical courses for a degree certificate in conflict resolution include:

- Mediation Theory: focuses on theories, methods and practices of mediation

- Organizational Theory And Practice: focuses on organizations and effects of conflicts

- Philosophies of Peacekeeping and Conflict: focuses on techniques and method of conflict resolution and intervention

- Conflicts Across Cultural Barriers

- Law And Ethics

With an Associate's Degree in Conflict Resolution, you can work in highly specialized fields such as healthcare centers, arbitration, international conflict resolution, domestic relations and so on. Find conflict resolution degree information below and start researching schools in your area or online.

Conflict Resolution Associates Degree Curriculum

Gain knowledge needed to fully understand the social and political factors that affect people. Courses will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge to possess the outcomes needed in your career. Below are just some of the different courses you’ll take during your Associates degree training.

- Negotiations
- Legal Disputes & Resolutions
- Mediation
- Law and Ethics
- Arbitration in Business
- Intro to Conflict Management


Careers Often Chosen by Conflict Resolution Graduates

Legal Assistant – When working in the legal field all lawyers or law teams hire legal assistants to help them with their case loads. Part of the process for lawyers involves negotiations as well as conflict resolutions. As a legal assistant you’ll help lawyers with these and other duties including researching cases.

Business Mediator – Corporations often have business disputes that involve contracts. It is up to the business mediator to handle these and other disputes that your company will encounter. Also business mediator can help get together documents that could be useful in a law suit that involves the company.

Public Relations – In public relations companies hire those with conflict resolution backgrounds as they can also work with human resources.


The median salary for someone in conflict resolution is $61,500. The industry for arbitrators and mediators is expected to grow 14% over the new few years. Currently over 10,000 people in the US are in the conflict resolution profession.