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Associate Degree in Sociology

You can do some great things with a degree in Sociology. It may seem more and more likely that the only thing you can do with such degrees is to teach Sociology to someone else, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is there are plenty of career opportunities with a sociology degree as long as you know where to look, stay positive and keep track of your connections. Start our sociology associates degree today by requesting information from the below schools.

sociology schools The connections that you obtain can come from a professor who you like quite a bit or happen to think very highly of. The professor may also be impressed with your work in sociology and they want to see you succeed in the future. Professors like to hear that years later, their students went on to do great things. This is especially true if they did great things in the field in which the professor taught. This concept makes the professor feel good inside. The whole point of going to college is to prepare you for the real world. One of the most important aspects of the real world is being able to find a credible job where you truly can make a difference.

You can always work as a social worker at a local DHS office with your sociology degree. They are always looking for new social workers with all of the poverty and strife there is out there in the world, this is especially true in America right now due to the high unemployment numbers.

The fact that real wages have either been stagnant or going down in many industries over the last ten years does mean there should be more calls for social workers out there. A social worker has to be dedicated and care about the people they are working with, if they do not care about people they may be in the wrong field. The money that was spent on that sociology degree would thus be a waste in the view of many people.

Most universities require you to have anywhere from forty to sixty credits in your focus area of your degree. You will have to consult with your academic adviser to make sure you meet the needs of the particular university you are attending in order to receive your degree. Some schools are known for having a great Sociology program, while other schools are clearly lacking. You can also work in policy advocacy organizations with your degree; they are always looking for volunteers, staff or pro bono attorneys. The courses that are taught at most universities could be enough for other people in the world of policy to hire you as well. Social work and advocacy can be a bi-partisan concept.

If you are a sports star headed to a university, a lot of coaches like to see their students involved in a Sociology program. This program can give them a balanced and honest view of the world. Most schools certainly have a program that will fit your academic needs. It should not matter what region of the country you happen to live in. Of course the degree program in this field at a community college may or may not be that extensive. Your choices may be limited in many ways. The truth is no matter what, sociology will open doors.


Common Careers for Sociology Majors

As a graduate of an Associates of Sociology degree don’t overlook some of the most common careers in the industry to use your talents for.


Substance Abuse Counselor – As a substance abuse counselor you’ll deal with those who have struggled with addiction.

Law Enforcement – Work with local law enforcement to figure out laws and how they affect society. Research if they are working and how certain programs work with inmates.

Political – Work on a campaign, with voters and even learn how voting patterns affects outcomes. Research economic conditions by state and why certain groups, races and sex vote.

Public Relations – As a corporate public relations manager you will be the voice of the company you work for. You’ll handle press releases as well as deal with internal personnel issues as well as branding of the company.


Things to Consider while Researching Colleges

Accreditations – Make sure the school you are considering is fully accredited and that their accreditation is recognized by the Department of Education.

Class Size – If attending a traditional college campus find out how big your class sizes are. The first 2 years for your associates degree is very important and it is recommended that your class sizes are small. If taking an online class make sure to find out how accessible your professor is during your class. Often if you study at night you’ll need help when you are studing which isn’t during normal instructor hours. Some colleges have support up to 10pm at night.

Tuition and Scholarships – The average Associates in Sociology degree should run between $12,000 and $18,000. Most school will offer federal financial aid or scholarships to help with the overall costs.

History of School – Has the school been offering Associates degree level programs for a long time? Make sure the school has a good track record to avoid the school closing.


Sociology Graduates have Great Skills

Once you graduate you’ll have a great group of skills you can apply to your career. Below are just some of the main areas that you should possess.

Detailed Oriented –You should have great analytics skills and be a data driven with your projects.

Communications – Graduates will be good communicators and be able to present data and projects in a clear and concise manner.

Behavior – You’ll be able to look at human behavior including things like marriage and see the physiology effect it has.

Sociology Outlook

The industry is expected to continue to grow at 20% over the next 10 years. The nationwide median salary is $39,500 and up to $105,000 for the top 10%.


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