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Some people simply do not understand how beneficial Social Work truly can be. The work truly can change people's lives and send them in a positive direction. The work is certainly worth your time, make no mistake about it. The courses that you take at the university or community college level can help you as a social worker. Sociology 101 can even be a benefit if you happen to take the course seriously.

You can get involved with some very prosperous corporation if you stay committed to being a social activist. Many people out there forget about the business connections that you can make. A lot of people just assume that social workers go into a poor profession and they in fact stay poor. This is not always necessarily true. You can end up working for a major computer manufacturer by delivering computers to poor kids. Drawing a salary from a major corporation is a great add on to your current career or the work can lead you to another direction in the future. This sort of thing truly is up to you.

social working degree There a lot of good causes that you can get involved in. These causes will not only help the people they were meant to help, but they can also raise your own profile. If that computer company likes the knowledge you give people about their computers, you could end up making the big bucks with them. There is nothing wrong with attempting to raise your own profile as a social worker. People like Alan Khazei have really moved into the public eye because of the work his organization does. Khazei is happy with their progress as well.

The church can also play a big role for social workers. Churches can potentially provide extra resources for that social worker to use. The church members can help you find good options. You can also work with some good secular organizations. There is more than one way to tackle a chronic social issue. The number of people who need help with these chronic social issues in a city like New Orleans is tremendous. The devastation associated with Hurricane Katrina is something that still of course resonates within the city.


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People who face struggles with mental health often need assistance from social workers. Congressman Pat Kennedy of Rhode Island and former Rep. Jim Ramstad of Minnesota were key in bringing legislation to the forefront that promoted mental health parity. The concept of mental health parity legislation passing could mean that more social workers will be hired to deal with mental health issues. The funding for these programs is often cut by both the state and the federal government. This is not a good sign for the future. Kennedy and Ramstad were both proud of their bi-partisan work. The hiring of social workers should be a bi-partisan in the minds of many citizens.

A good social worker never losses motivation or gives up, no matter how grim a situation may be. The social worker never gives up hope or losses touch with their purpose. Someone who does not show the compassion necessary to be a good social worker may fail. A person who automatically rejects the values of the people they are working with may not become a good social worker. This is because they are rejected by the clients who they work with. These are the people who need them the most. Social Work can be a truly beautiful concept. A person just needs to get in touch with the right organization in order to become a good social worker. They have to set goals for themselves within the non-profit profit sector. Start your social work associates degree online today and request information from any of the schools below that appeal to you.


Social Worker Career Paths

One of the great reasons why we like people that look into social work as a career is all of the opportunities that you’ll have when you graduate. Your Associates degree in social work will open up possibilities for employment in the following area.

Drug Counseling – As a substance abuse counselor you’ll help others, many less fortunate stay on track with their sobriety. Often you’ll meet with them at their homes or in a group setting and often it is a result of the courts that they must stay clean.

Social Services – Work with children of addiction, sexual assault and poverty. You’ll check up on children to make sure they are being properly taken care of. You often will work with the court systems since it involves children.

Case Manager – Many work in detention centers as case managers. You will also mainly work with those under 18 years of age as their case managers.

Residential or Mental Health – Working with the mentally challenged can be very rewarding. Some residential health managers the focus on the mentally challenged can work with them in shelters or eve at their homes.


Social Work Licensing

Check your state as rules regarding licensing can different state-by-state. Depending on what you want to do in your careers one thing that is recommended is to be sure to attend a school accredited by CSWE which is the council on social work education. You’ll need to get your licensing renewed which can consist of up to 50 hours depending on your state.


My Life as Social Worker

The following is an account of the day and life of a social worker in New York, City. Our staff at interviewed her to get a better understanding of what life was as a social worker.

Can you go over your jobs leading up to becoming a social worker?
When I graduated college I first wanted to become a psychologist. I started with an unrelated degree but really like my professor in a substance abuse course I took. I changed my major and ended up graduating with a dual Associates degree in social work and psychology. My first job was as an assistant manager at a rehab facility in California but I missed the East Coast and moved backed. I then heard about how they were hiring social workers to help out inner city families that were former addicts. I instantly got hooked and have been working as a social worker now for over 18 years.

What is your typical day like?
No day as a social worker is typical. In fact, I can’t think of any day that is normal. I’m one of the social workers that go and actual visit the homes of people we are working with. I can tell you that very few people will have the stomach to do what I do day in and day out.

What is the hardest thing about your career?
I deal with children all the time and most of the parents are former and even current drug users. It is really hard sometimes to talk to the kids and learn about how they were mistreated. I stay with it because I know I can really help. I sometimes feel like I’m their only help and will do anything that I can to help because if I don’t then nobody will.


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