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Associate Degree in Religious Studies

Are you interested in learning about other cultures and the religious beliefs they hold? If so, then a degree in religious studies may be just the degree for you. Although it's a fairly new field of study, religious studies, as an academic discipline, has become quite popular because of the broad foundation it gives students.

Technology has ushered us into a global economy that benefits from people being tolerant of one another's religious beliefs. A degree in religious studies will give you a good foundation in understanding the belief system and values of other cultures' religions.

religious studies schools Some of the religions you'll study include Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. During your studies, you'll look at all religions equally without being partial to one particular religion as being more right than the others. Religious beliefs have shaped the legal systems and social movements of many modern societies. Knowing which religious beliefs are responsible for certain societies' judicial systems and the social changes that have brought them to where they are now can go a long way to giving you important skills any employer will gladly pay you for.

Like other liberal arts degrees, an undergraduate degree in religious studies will expose you to a wide variety of topics including philosophy, literature, and the arts. It will give you the basic foundation you need if you want to learn how to tolerate the beliefs and values of those around you. And, because many great works of literature and philosophical arguments are based on the core beliefs of certain religions, you'll learn to appreciate a wide range of literature and pieces written by some of the world's greatest philosophers.

Studying for a degree in religious studies will also allow you the perfect opportunity to explore how and why humans exist. Because you'll be looking at the beliefs of several different religions, you'll come to understand why certain religions believe what they do about human existence. You'll learn how different religions explain the mere existence of humans as well as the purpose they believe humans are put here to serve.

The skills you'll learn while studying for your degree in religious studies will also teach you how to think critically, use abstract reasoning to solve problems, and will help you hone your research skills. You'll also improve your ability to analyze and interpret information so others can understand it more clearly. Having a degree in religious studies will give you valuable skills you can use at your new job. People who are good at interpreting information, performing thorough research, and explaining why things happen are in high demand today.

The global society we live in puts a high value on people who can who have knowledge of world cultures and can explain different religious perspectives. These are skills that a lot of companies are willing to pay high dollar for when they find someone who has them. You'll also be very valuable in careers that require relationship building, tolerance of others' beliefs and relating to other people who are different than you and whose religious beliefs are opposite yours. So, if you're someone who enjoys learning about other cultures and about what makes them do the things they do, and if you enjoy learning to relate better to everyone around you, you should consider studying for a degree in religious studies.



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