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Associate's Degree in Political Science

The last quarter of the 18th century is paramount to understanding history not just for the revolutions that occurred during this era, but because of the political thought made famous by the success of the governmental upheavals. Many bold, declarative statements about political institutions, such as "government is derived from the consent of the governed" and "all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights," established the basis for our modern political thought" However, even a cursory glance through the pages of history reveals that there is a deep, complex, sometimes heroic and sometimes tragic story of mankind's political systems.

political science schools Although we perpetually seek to create our utopias, we are constantly reminded that mankind's flaws follow us wherever we go. Those who acquire an Associate's Degree in political science are the individuals who have a passion for understanding how history, politics, government, and social structures all contribute to our political systems. If this relates to you, then you are the perfect candidate for beginning to pursue your degree in political science and finding exciting applications for the unique skills you'll acquire.

One of the first things you learn about in politic science is that politics cannot be easily broken down into a science. Like many similar areas of liberal arts, politics is more of an art than a science, and required a delicate finesse of intellect to truly combine the formulaic components with the more eloquent demands of the political arena. The typical responsibilities an individual with a background in political science can expect in their career fields might include researching political subjects, collecting and analyzing a variety of data, examine and apply historical examples, predict or evaluate the effects of implemented policies, monitor current political events, and present their thoughts and research to others who will make decisions based on the information.


Policial Science Schools


The political world is very complex and therefore relies on these individuals who have the unique skillset of critical thinking, analysis, and communication to stay at the leading edge of politics. The vast majority of political scientists work for the federal government, serving in all kinds of areas to aid decision making and interpret current events. Many other individuals with a political science degree work for think tanks, not-for-profits, academic institutions, political lobbyists, and organized labor. When it comes to think tanks and nonprofits, political scientists are responsible for taking current data, interpreting it, and finding ways to communicate to the public or other necessary parties the information they may need.

This could be used to promote specialized causes or work towards encouraging others to take on certain political perspectives. Many educational institutions at the university level require talented political science thinkers to help students develop their skills of critical thinking, communication, and research in political topics. Lobbyists and organized labor work with the intent of manipulating political policies and politicians to their advantage, and require political scientists to help determine what their needs are and how to best communicate those needs to the appropriate parties.

As political systems continue to dominate the way we live and the type of freedoms we enjoy, it is essential to have talented, knowledgeable, skillful individuals fill in the ranks of political scientists throughout the public and private sectors. When you earn your degree in political science, you are equipping yourself to apply your critical thinking skills, along with your research, argumentation, and communication abilities, to one of the most valuable areas. Our quality of life is directly related to the quality of our political system, and your efforts within that system or in relation to it are paramount to mankind's continued pursuit of utopia.


What do people do with a political science degree?

Work for the US Government – Often political science majors end up working in the federal government sector. The main reason for this is they tend to be very motivated in politics and have usually worked in some form of government in college. Most come from a political family and possess great writing and research skills.

Lobbyist – Do you want to work for a cause or on the behalf of a corporation or special interest group? As a lobbyist you can even work campaign trail as campaign manager, coordinate public appearances for candidates and even hold local officials

Journalist – As a journalist you’ll focus on the political side of things. You can work in the media or even be a journalist covering different aspects of the political scene. You’ll get trained in public speaking and writing during your Associates degree, something that will help you during your career.

State Legislator – Many political science majors work in Washington. They gained connections while volunteering and some have entered office on the city or state side of government.

Political Corresponder – Large networks have specialized political correspondent to anchor the news. They often hire former political analyst that can give the public an view of politics often never seen. They have the knowledge of the candidates and can break down races for the public.


What is needed to be successful?

Understanding of Government – You’ll need knowledge of the government at all levels, something that you’ll take courses in during your political science degree.

Communications – To be successful you’ll need to have great communication and presentation skills. Learn how to communicate with others in order to get your point across.

Research Skills – Often in politics it all comes down to research and analytics. Successful political science graduates will possess great research skills and be able to use them on the job in order to make informed decisions.

Writing – Are you able to influence people just by the copy you write? If so you can use that skill after you graduate. Candidates hire great writers to help with campaign speeches and even marketing.

Problem Solver – Can you solve problems quickly? Can you come up with solutions to problems that are part of a team effort? This is a great trait to possess as a graduate of political science.

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