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Associates Degree in Ministerial Studies

Ministerial Studies Associate's Degree

If you're currently working in the ministry or even if it's just a desire that's "shut up in your bones" you could greatly benefit from earning a degree in Christian Studies. With this degree you can expect to be prepared for work in many different types of ministries, or branches of the Christian field.

You can obtain an Associates degree in Christian Studies as well as several types of certification if you so wish. Graduating with a degree in Christian Studies will help prepare you to become a strong Christian leader

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Some of the classes that might be available to students majoring in Christian Studies are as follows:

- Understanding The Old Testament Concepts: This class teaches you how to interpret the Old Testament and gives you a better understanding of its history and meanings.


-Life of Christ: This course explores all of the economic, political, geographical, and social conditions present during the time Jesus walked the earth. It also studies the ministry of Jesus .


- Masters in Disability Studies: Designed to help its students learn about people with disabilities, this program teaches students how to minister to those who live with all types of disabling conditions.


- Certificate in Christian Ministry: This certification program is designed to help train ministers who are already in churches or those who have a desire to become ministers in churches. A Certificate in Christian Ministry can also help those who are already Christian ministers and leaders refresh their understanding of the Bible and the process for ministering to others.


- Certificate in Bible: To help Christian Studies students understand the Bible, enhance their preparation to lead in church, etc.


- Associate, and Bachelor of Arts in Christian Service: Helps prepare the student to be a lay minister, to deepen their understanding of God's word, helps them to integrate principles of the Bible into their daily lives and the lives of the congregation.

The schools that provide the student with the opportunity to earn a degree in Christian Studies are most often schools such as a college or university of liberal arts, or Christian, Lutheran, and Catholic colleges that have religious foundations. The overall goals of this course of study are to teach you the skills you'll need for a career with religious and social service backgrounds.

You'll learn the history and theology of your faith, the scriptures which founded your beliefs, and how your faith began and evolved into what it is now. Humanities, sciences, and other classes will also be offered to help prepare you for your career or for further education.

There will also be times that your studies will focus on one area of learning, such as the study of Buddhism, or Hinduism, and the sociology of religions. Along with this focused type of study you'll study broader areas needed by those who may wish to teach, such as educational studies, or counseling courses for those who wish to help others in this way.

Christian Studies Graduate Careers

Clergy: Also known as "Pastor, Priest, Minister" according to denomination, this is the spiritual leader of the entire congregation, and sometimes the surrounding community as well.

Church Administrator: The person in this position is in charge of the finances of the church, as well as programs the church is involved in and is also in charge of overseeing other church workers.

Teachers, missionaries, politicians, and even the Peace Corps are all jobs that graduates with a degree in Christian Studies have been known to choose as a career. So, if you feel a calling and have a need to minister to others, or lead them spiritually, then a degree in Christian Studies is a good start for your future.


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