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Military History Associates Degree Overview

Associates Degree in Military History

The Latin expression "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum" means "If you desire peace, you must prepare for war." The ancient Romans definitely understood the importance of a strong military; yet the techniques their civilization used to conquer the Mediterranean world were not original. Rather, they were based on thousands of years of warfare techniques and materials being honed to perfection for their era. The world's best generals today know that they must not only be students of war, but they must be students of history. That is why classic campaigns like Caesar's conquest of Gaul and Alexander's conquest of Persia are relentlessly read and reread.

military history schools That is why Sun Tzu's Art of War is not an outdated anachronism, but is still a highly relevant, foundational text. Those who study military study history; and those who study military history learn about mankind's previous war techniques so that we can understand our present military enterprises even better. When you pursue an Associate's Degree in military history, you are becoming one of the reliable experts on one of mankind's most reliable habits: war.

A degree in military history tries to transfer to students an array of content knowledge and specific skills. Courses in military history focus on the events that lead up to conflicts, occur during actual wars, and that result from such confrontations. The information in such courses extends far beyond simply studying warfare, since war itself affects nearly every other major aspect of civilized living. Studying the influences of politics, technology, and economics often is included in a military history degree. This degree program also typically includes topics such as strategy, tactics, leadership, cultural structures, weapons, technology, and history. Students tend to acquire a great deal of skill related to historical reading and research methods as well, which are skills that are highly applicable in a wealth of career settings. Programs will focus on developing students' knowledge by providing them with a balance of theoretical knowledge, historical examples, and real-world applications.


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Potential career options commonly pursued by individuals with an Associate's Degree in military history include working within the government, military, business, or educational field. The government relies on individuals who have an extensive understanding of international relations and warfare; these individuals help diplomats and representatives with foreign policy decisions. They might also work in the Department of Homeland Security where the latest technologies and methods of defense are utilized to protect ourselves from modern threats. Often, those who are seeking promotions in their military careers further their education with a degree.

This will help enable them to become a more specialized officer with a deeper understanding of their profession and responsibility. Even businesses like to have strategic individuals who understand the fundamentals of conflict, technology, relationships, and other similarities between industry and warfare. Don't they say that business is war? And education at academic institutions is another important area where those with a military history degree are employed, sharing with others their knowledge of mankind's conflicts. Often, an educator might have a specific era of expertise.

So while you might not necessary be taking the Romans' advice and be preparing yourself for war, by closely examining military history you will have a deep understanding of mankind's most reliable habit and the consequences of it. You will also have the historian and research skills that empower you to find careers that rely on such talented individuals. Like a fully armored knight riding out to battle, your Associate's Degree in military history will fully equip you to serve the government, military, business world, or academic institutions with your unique education. And by applying your knowledge and helping others, you might just be helping the world stay at peace for a little longer. Look into any school below and find the requirements for this degree.

Military History Associates Degree Curriculum

US Military – Take courses related to the US military including history and world wars.

Cold War –Learn about what ended up being the biggest buildup in weapons and started up the arms race as well as how tensions and war was adverted.

World Politics –Learn how political and world economic situations and affect US policies regarding the military.

Military Weapons – Get up close with the US military weapons and how they played a role in military history.

Homeland Security – So much has changed since 9/11 and you’ll go into how homeland security was launched and what countries are now doing to protect their people from terrorism.

War History – Strategy and political power all played a role in all wars. Learn the history and strategies used by the US and other countries.

World Peacekeeping Methods – No county wants war. Go behind the scenes and see what peacekeeping deals and methods are used to avoid war.

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