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Human Services Associates Degree Information

Associate's Degree in Human Services

The Associate of Arts in human Services Management is a specialized degree program in which the student learns much needed and valued people skills along with other varied necessary human services skills. This particular course is designed to be an introduction to the study of Human Services and will prepare the student to advance their educational goals to a much higher level when complete. All of the courses in the degree program will teach the student the basic and specialized skills he will need in order to work effectively with people in the human services industry.

human servies degree This particular degree program will provide a basic overview of general courses and help the student develop the skills needed in order to work in the Human Services industry. The degree program will offer teachings of critical thinking and writing, information utilization, and collaboration techniques in areas such as mathematics, humanities, social and life sciences and the communication arts. From these studies, students will gain the proper skills and a solid foundation of the Human Services industry.

The student, once they have gained the needed basic skills for this industry, will also be better prepared to understand the dynamic of the roles of the human services worker, public policies, multicultural practices, Information Technology and ethical and moral issues and legalities. The student will also learn to create care plans, develop alternative funding strategies and determine the characteristics of a great human resources manager, among other critical duties required by the human services industry, depending on the actual career path the student chooses.

Some of the fundamental core curriculum courses, which will teach the fundamental Human Services oriented skills, needed to succeed in the human services industry are Public Policy and Development Services, Program Planning and Grant Proposal Writing, Ethical Issues in Human Services Organizations, Human Services Administration, Financial Management and Human Services in the United States. The skills learned in the Human Services area are unique. Some of these specialized skills include learning how people's needs are met, theoretical perspectives, government regulations and social policies, marketing and public relations, budgeting and accounting concepts, how to locate grants and other funding sources for human services programs. This is a short list as to what the student is expected to know when hey have earned their degree, among various other skill sets targeted directly to the human services area.

Once the student completes the course and earns their degree, they are then ready to continue to the next step in their educational plan. While they continue on, they can also utilize what they have learned in a real-world working environment, as they will have all the skills they need to interact with people and run an organization within the Human Services industry.


Career Paths for Associates in Human Services

Case Manager or Aide – As a case manager you’ll be employed at hospitals or even mental health facilities. You’ll assist low income families and provide support to them where needed. This support can often include healthcare for the wellness of the family.

Social Worker – If you love to help others then consider a career as a social worker. Your degree in human services will teach you about how to work with victims of domestic violence and drug abuse. You’ll work with the families and victims. It is important that you have great communication and listening skills as a social worker.

Probation Officer – Law enforcement agencies and the court system hire probation officers to handle cases where inmates are released. It is required they check in with their probation officer weekly. You’ll help them stay on track and complete any required by the courts. You’ll often follow up with employees making sure they are doing a good job and going to work.

Substance Abuse Counselor – As a counselor you’ll help individuals struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. You can work for a facility with individuals or in a group setting. Often the family needs assistance dealing with those who abuse drugs or alcohol. Additional training


Courses for your Human Resources Degree

- Intro Human Services
- Adult Development
- Personal Health Courses
- Communications
- Philosophy
- Group Communications
- Clinical Sociology
- Marriage and Family