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Associate Degree in Art History

People from every age are seeking an education to further their opportunities in life. This is especially true with the tough economic times and the competition among various industries. Today it is said that the highest unemployment rate for individuals around the age of 17 has occurred because many of the jobs which where once filled by this age group are being taken by individuals of middle age and older. That is how tough economic times are. And, that is how valuable an education is.

art history schools If you have a talent in a certain arena, such as Fine Arts than you definitely should seek educating yourself for the industry. Fine Arts programs are varied. They may mean a concentration in visual art, painting, photography and sculpture, or they may concentrate in a performing art like dance, voice and theater.

Examples of studies that the student enrolled in Fine Arts may participate in are:.

- Art history

- Art theory and criticism

- Performing arts

- 2D art (drawing, painting, photography)

- 4D art (pottery, sculpture)

- Digital

Associate of Fine Arts degree is an associate degree which means a two year program. This can be obtained through a two-year or four-year college or university, or online. There are also the technical schools and art academies which may provide more specialized training in a shorter length of time. Some career opportunities available to the graduate of the

Associate of Fine Arts degree include:

- Private music or art teacher

- Theater production assistant

- Jewelry designer

- Freelance photographer

- Jewelry designer

- Artist

- Printmaker

- Entrepreneur

- Photographer

- Conservator

- Exhibit designer

- Framer

This is a art history degree for the creative to express themselves and to develop their professional skills that will help to promote them in the industry to promote themselves as a freelancer or to obtain jobs in the arts-related companies and nonprofit organizations. These are degrees that qualified the graduate for entry level poisons with many businesses such as theater companies, museums, galleries, and other companies involved in theater including positions such as: Creative writers, Actor/directors, Art therapists, Art teachers and Dance instructors.

If you are considering a fine arts degree and not sure if the career is the right choice, you might choose to enroll in a community college in an art, sculpture, ceramics, dance or drawing class. These are all areas in which the fine arts degree can expand. If interested in the filmmaking or multimedia industry you may choose to take a class in one of these. The degree is a diploma that shows that you have the interest and the will to succeed in the industry.

If you are interested, but unsure, the main thing is to get enrolled and begin the study. At the least, you will have enjoyment in the class you have enrolled in. There are also scholarships and student grants and loans that the student can apply for, making the financial burden less worrisome, should it present a problem.