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Associate Degree in Public Health

One of the staggering downsides to the growth of densely populated civilizations is that the public becomes more and more susceptible to transmittable diseases. Just ask the Athenians who were dealt a blow by a mysterious plague during their war with Sparta; or ask anyone in Western Europe during the Middle Ages who contracted by Black Plague; or ask the Native Americans who suffered at the hands of smallpox. The fact that we exist in society as a public entity means two things: first, we can easily become dangerous to one another because of the germs we share, and second, the continuance of our civilization depends upon our ability to keep ourselves healthy and want to find the top physical therapy schools then start your research below.

public health degree This is where public health specialists come into play. As experts in areas related to the well-being of society's members, they distribute the information and techniques necessary to keep society healthy. When you earn your Associate's Degree in public health, you'll be equipped with the tools required to promote a wide variety of health-related causes to a public that desperately relies on this type of information to keep going strong.

Public health is a diverse field, and students who obtain education will be equipped to find any number of applications for their public health talents and preferences. Although many jobs for public health employees are in the public sectors, this does not mean that employment is only available through the government. Public health workers generally work in both the public and private sectors. In the public realm, they commonly work within local, state, or federal health departments fulfilling such roles as food safety inspectors, health educators, policy analysts, and epidemiologists. They might also work in education at a public university as an instructor or researcher.

Within the private sector, too, are many opportunities to work. Pharmaceutical companies, for example, require individuals who can conduct appropriate trials for new treatments, and health insurance companies of course need individuals who can competently inform their programs. Even non-profits, like the American Cancer Society or the Red Cross, rely on public health professionals for health advocacy, policy, and research.


Public Health Degree Program


Public health is a broad field where individuals with talents across all areas collaborate together to promote wellness. Jobs in public and private organizations for public health professionals reflect the breadth of this domain and include health services administration, biostatistics, epidemiology, health education, environmental health, nutrition, and medicine. Education programs that train future public health professionals focus on equipping them with the right knowledge and the right skills to be effective forces for good in society. Since public health professionals seek to decrease the negative influences of disease and infection and to increase the public's healthy habits, they must be well acquainted with information related to biology, medicine, statistics, behavioral science, and environmental science. This head knowledge is supplemented with leadership and communication skills that enable students to work in the diverse teams that their profession demands.

Whatever your talents or areas of interest, public health offers something for you. Whether it's crunching numbers or analyzing data in labs and offices, finding ways to market new ideas about healthy living, conducting research, or working with companies and governmental agencies so they make informed policy decisions, you will see that your dispositions are required. Mankind has discovered penicillin, the benefits of hand washing, and the detriments of poor sleep habits, but without individuals working ceaselessly to teach the public about this information we would have no idea that these are habits we need to instill into our daily lives. Our population grows denser and our battle against disease is reaching a turning point. Now is your opportunity to earn your Associate's Degree in public health so that you can help the world decrease negative health influences and increase good ones. Find the right program for your career healthcare goals below and request free information.


Education Outcomes

When you graduate with your Associate’s degree in Public Health you’ll be able to do the following:

- Understand the politics surrounding the public healthcare system.

- Be able to administer healthcare to a wide variety of individuals and communities.

- Provide a supporting role for communities.

- Inform and education population on healthcare issues.

- Work with hospitals and supply organizations.

- Understand the role of federal and state governments have on public health.

Types of Public Health Careers

- Environmental Health
- Health Services Management
- Nutrition
- Occupational Health and Safety
- Public Health Administrator
- Food Safety
- Motor Vehicle Safety

- Classes Need for your Public Health Degree
- Chemistry
- Statistics
- Microbiology
- Health Administration
- Social Science
- Behavioral and Psychology Science
- Public Health

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