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Animal Grooming Associates Degree Training

Animal Grooming Associates Degree

Those people that really enjoy dogs will want to consider what it would take to become a dog obedience trainer. You are going to see that there are numerous benefits to this type of educational training and you may be able to make a really good life for yourself if you were to consider getting this type of education.

Where do you begin? You are going to see that there are some very common courses that you will be expected to take if you would like to carry out dog obedience. First off, many educational centers are going to ask you to complete coursework related to different dog breeds and dog behavior as well. Different tools that can be used to help train dogs and the different theories related to learning are also going to be discussed. It will be very common for you to be expected to take these courses so that you are able to train dogs effectively.

animal grooming school Now, believe it or not, you may need to take courses that are related to customer service as well. These types of classes are going to help you learn how to communicate effectively with the owners of the dogs that you will be training. If you are not able to help them understand what you are doing, or what they need to be doing with their pets when you are not there, they are not going to learn anything and all of your training will be for nothing.


Also keep in mind that it could be a benefit for you to take some courses in business, bookkeeping and even in advertising. There are many individuals that are going to complete dog obedience courses and they are going to want to create their own business. But, if you do not know how to create a business, or how to make it run, you are only going to be harming yourself in the long run. You can also go to pet grooming school which is a great career.

One nice thing about some of these courses is that you may be able to take them online. Therefore, you are not going to need to worry about rushing around three days a week to get to school. You are going to be able to complete these classes from your home and you can do that at any time that is convenient for you. Other people really like the fact that they are going to be able to complete this type of training in a matter of months rather than in a matter of years. You can have a certificate in no time so that you can start your little business and begin making money.

Are you interested in knowing how this certificate and these classes can help you better yourself even further? You may be very happy to know that you can use these courses to help you get into a program to be veterinary assistant or to even work towards being a vet one day. Just remember that it can be good to learn about all of the different breeds of dogs, how they behave and how they learn. You can use all of this education to help you improve your life well beyond being a dog obedience trainer.

Curriculum Courses

Start your Associate’s degree in animal grooming today at any of the accredited school schools listed. Many of the schools offer online programs but you can also take hands-on campus based programs. Curriculum varies per school but most of the AA degrees will cover the below topics.

Animal Grooming Essentials – During your training you’ll learn about all the different grooming equipment and tools needed to do your job. Different animals require different grooming techniques and equipment. Understand the different type of clippers and shears.

Dental – Learn about dental care for animals including daily cleaning as well as routine maintenance.

Anatomy Courses – Learn about the anatomy of animals as well as basic health.
Grooming – Learn about the different washing techniques as well as shampoos, conditioners and special medications needed by breed.

Fea & Tick – Learn about removal techniques as well as medicated shampoos.
Breeds – Learn about all the different types of animals and breeds.

Start-up – Do you one day want to open up your own animal grooming business? Learn what it takes to start your own animal grooming business. Get trained on marketing and sales as well as client relationships.


Great Animal Grooming Places to Work

Once you complete your Associates degree in animal grooming you’ll have enough experience to be able to apply for the following entry level positions.

Pet Shops – Most pet shops including retail pet shops have grooming facilities. These grooming facilities employee groomers, bathers and animal stylists. Often these are entry level positions where you’ll receive additional training once you get employed.

Self-Employed – The great thing about owning your own business and being self-employed is that it offer a great and flexible income. You’ll be able to set your own work hours as well as the type of clients you’ll see. Often animal groomers work out of their own homes or have a mobile grooming truck so you can travel to your client’s home.

Adoption Centers - At animal adoption centers they are always hiring for walkers, groomers as well as front office administrators.

Zoos – Animal groomers are needed at zoos to routinely take care of animals. Some zoos have petting areas for visitors that require special grooming (mainly of nails) so they won’t injure any of the guests.

Veterinary Offices – Many veterinary offices have short and long-term housing where animal groomers are often needed.


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