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If you're ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to wander around Rome, you'll notice that the entire city is like one century built on top of another one. At certain intersections, you'll notice buildings on all four corners that each comes from a different century, and all of which are hundreds, even thousands of years old. Most notably, many visitors never miss the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and the other ruins at Palatine Hill. These structures are all nearly two thousand years old, and they owe their structural integrity to the brilliance of the Roman Empire's renowned architectural engineers. Throughout the world we can also see similar marvels: the Pyramids, the Acropolis, and the Great Wall, for example. Architectural engineering is a profession as old as mankind's need for buildings. When you join this elite club of architectural engineers with your Associate's Degree, you will begin the forging of your path that will, like those who came before you, help you put a lasting imprint into the cities of the world.

engineering schools If you've got a strong mind geared for science, mathematics, and design, then pack your calculator in your pocket and grab your protractor, because you are going to begin the coursework that will lead to your career in architectural engineering. Such a specific engineering program is ultimately an interdisciplinary study that examines elements of structure, architecture, design, heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems for buildings. This additional involves studies of applied mathematical principles and materials engineering. Even courses related to construction and business are necessary to develop the full breadth of skills needed to apply to the workplace. The specific courses you might discovery in an architectural engineering program often include fluid mechanics, physics, electrical circuits, and structural analysis.


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Included in many programs is the official licensing of architectural engineers, meeting the proscribed guidelines of their given state. There are wide variety of responsibilities and careers available to a qualified individual with an architectural engineering education. Structural engineering involves the design and developmental of an overall building, focusing on the building foundation and physical principles throughout the construct that will make sure the building stays standing. An architectural electrical engineer focuses particularly on the design of the electrical needs of a given building, providing the necessary overlay and requirements for safe, effective electrical supply. Similarly, an architectural mechanical engineer sees that the mechanics of heating and cooling, plumbing, and rain water flow are congruent with the goals of the design. While the structural engineer oversees the general aspects of design, the electrical and mechanical engineers are specialists that have expertise in their particular areas.

You will have opportunities for employment as part of an architectural firm, a construction company, or even as an independent architectural contractor. As your career progresses, you might have opportunity to take on a more consultant-like role to developments. Your experience and education will recommend you for attaining toward higher management positions where you not only have more design responsibilities, but are also managing the work of other architectural engineers.

Rome, and other magnificent ancient cities, is incredible for its evident history of architectural achievements. But that's ancient history. Modern America is where the most talented architectural engineers employ their skills and education, designing buildings that are both highly functional and highly appealing. When you earn your Associate's Degree in architectural engineering, you have the knowledge necessary to begin designing your own career. So take that scientific mind of yours and apply it to something very interesting and very practical, begin forging your opportunities to join this lucrative field, and contribute your own ideas to the architecture of the nation.