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What do you think about when you look at the skyline of a large city? Taking an architectural tour of any city in the world will reveal to you the different styles, techniques, and materials mankind has used over history to construct our dwellings. It is often said that all buildings are designed to serve two purposes: to accommodate the activities that it was constructed to house, like living, working, trading, learning, and so on; and to represent a message to the people outside looking at it. Buildings don't just house our activities, but they inspire us. Architecture is a field that perfectly marries engineer and art to design both practical and beautiful marvels.

architecture colleges It combines form with function. Most people don't realize that they trust the work of architects every day when they step into any building. If possess a technical mind and are interested in pursuing this career, then obtaining your Associate's Degree in architecture is an effective first step. This will provide you with the technical engineering skills and training necessary to design buildings that both serve and impress us.

An architect is primarily concerned with making sure edifices are built to be safely functional and aesthetically pleasing. To accomplish this, they undergo a special set of schooling that endows them with the engineering and design principles. When architects are assigned a particular project, the client often has specific visions of the type of look and feel the building ought to have, and they also provide input on the particular functionalities of the structure. The buildings must be safe, economical, and up-to-date on the latest building code laws.

Common areas of coursework for an Associate's Degree include the history of design and architecture, environmentally friendly concepts for structures, project management, methods of construction, and architectural CAD. This type of coursework is commonly designed to present a broad understanding of the functionality and design concepts necessary to successfully design a project. From working with clients and construction teams, to independently using the latest computer software models to conceptual build the structure, a thorough education enables an up and coming architect to perform all facets of the field.


Architectural Colleges


Architects work in primarily the architectural and engineering fields, often branching out into similar services industries. Many architects are employed with construction firms. These firms are hired by clients in the residential and commercial fields to develop new construction; here, the architect will work on part of a larger team, getting information from other departments like demolitionists, surveyors, and construction workers. Other architects are similarly employed at government agencies who are responsible for engineering and architectural projects, around the nation and the world. Government agencies need to build, update, and maintain infrastructure.

A high percentage of architects are also self-employed, working for clients from firms, contractors, government agencies, businesses, investors, and so on to design the buildings based on their unique needs. Architects are most commonly hired for their design skills, but also serve as reliable consultants for engineering, materials, and contracting questions.

With your Associate's Degree in architecture, you will learn about how this essential field blends the best of science and art together to create truly magnificent and functional buildings. Those breathtaking skylines from our nation's cities are only the beginning. Nearly everything we do requires a building to do it in, and every building requires at least one, but often a team of talented architects to make sure it is safe and functional. Your degree will give you the broad overview necessary to master the principles of design, the engineering knowledge, and the ability to work with clients and give them what they want. So don't delay, but design your own career today by pursuing your Associate's Degree.