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Associates Degree in Social Science

Social Sciences are the study of society and the way people interact in it. This can encompass a wide range of categories. Man interacts with society in many ways under different circumstances and situations. We look back and study man's social skills through Anthropology. We study how people socialize with studies in communication. We can study social development in human beings as we look back over history. We study criminals and their social behavior. We can even study our social selves. Social Sciences delve into theory and philosophy. Political Science is not out of our range of expertise as Social Scientist and Sociologists.

social science schools This long reaching branch of study is intriguing and draws a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Especially appealing to psychologist and those with minds analytical, it is one of the most sought after associate's degrees in all of education. Among those who wish to study in Social Sciences are those who wish to teach this fascinating course of study. Imagine being able to delve into something this rich and diverse for an entire career? What a thought provoking and challenging idea.

In its coordinate terms, Natural Science, Formal Science, and the Humanities, the road to this degree is paved with such lucrative classes as Gerontology, Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Behavior, Communication, and General studies just to name a few. In fact, now that I have researched this course of study, I am tempted to put away my word processor and enroll in Social Sciences at the nearest college or university.


Social Science Schools


Perhaps the most attractive part of Social Sciences is the opportunity a degree presents to help people. To be able to go into Social Work with such an understanding of who people are and why they do what they do would be an incredible journey. Social Services is an ever expanding field into which many students are plying their skills. Helping people to overcome their social problems, to better fit into work and a world that they see as impossible, or that they believe has failed them.

While Social Services is a great field in which to flex your Social Science muscles, it is not the only option available to someone with an associates Degree. Social Sciences also open the doors of government as it relates to Law, Health Services, Criminal Justice and Human Resources. Associate Degrees in Social Sciences puts you in the forefront of career management for yourself and in helping others to further their careers by training them to not only fit into the system but manipulate it to their advantage. Imagine helping someone who has made a few mistakes on the wrong side of the law but is basically an honest and hard working individual who does not know how to place himself back into the world of the working class.

Social Sciences can put you on a fast track to enter careers in counseling, law, and political science. It opens employment and internships that would not be feasible for many other studied degrees. Why not put yourself into this position. Any of the career minded professional people mentioned above would be happy to sit down with you and discuss how they found themselves in such a wonderful position.

At the State and Federal stages of government, the doors of employment are wide open and waiting for Social Science majors. The fields mentioned in this article are but a few of the careers that are available to you. Most colleges and University offer this area of study and degrees with financial assistance for those who qualify. If you are unsure about what you want to do with your life, look into Social Science.


Careers in Social Science

Once you graduate with your social science associates degree you’ll be able to start applying for numerous careers in your field. Don’t forget to look into the below industries and jobs as the often have openings for social service graduates.

Government – Both local and state governments have the need to hire social science research assistants. At minimum you’ll qualify with your degree for administration positions.

Law enforcement – Some careers in law enforcement can be obtained with an AA degree in social science. You won’t qualify to become a police officer however law enforcement agencies do hire social workers and case managers that possess your degree.

Healthcare – Hospitals and local healthcare offices need medical assistants, aides and even childcare workers. The healthcare industry in the US is massive and positions are always available to those who have at minimum an Associate’s degree.

Addiction Counselor – One of the main areas that hire social service graduates is in the area of addiction counseling. As a counselor you’ll be helping kids that have dealt with substance abuse. You’ll work with families to help provide a safe and solid foundation for the children.

Administration – As mentioned above administrators play a big role in public office, private companies and even government facilities. It is typically not required you have an advanced degree however if you do want to eventually work as a case manager or get more involved in social services then it is recommended you graduate with more than an associate’s degree in social science.

Social Worker/Case Manager/Childcare Worker – You’ll deal with group counseling and behavioral issues. As a residential counselor you’ll help with housekeeping tasks and supervise trips for kids and or parents that need assistance. You’ll monitor their progress and even report back to the court system.


Social Science Curriculum

During your Associates degree in social science training you’ll focus a lot in psychology and political science courses. These core courses will make up approx. half of the required 60 hours needed to earn your degree. If you have an idea what type of social science work you would like to do then you can usually tailor your degree and focus more on classes that you will help you in your career.
- Psychology Courses
- Child Development
- Addiction & Substance Abuse
- Science and Culture
- Criminal Justice
- Social Problems
- Environmental Policy
- Cross Cultural